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Young Evangelicals and Climate Change

“The Evangelical Left, despite its verbiage, largely wants to persuade evangelicals to switch sides in the culture wars, abandoning marriage and abortion in favor of Big Government.” Mark D. Tooley

“The grim message of global warming alarmists, based more on ideology than science, privileges a mythological climate ideal over higher living standards for the world’s poorest. That message is a loser, and thankfully so.”  Ibid.

Recruiting Young Evangelicals for Climate Activism

By Mark D. Tooley – FrontPageMag.Com – July 26, 2012

Although global warming, which has morphed into climate change, has receded as a hot button issue, a new “Young Evangelicals for Climate Action” has emerged.  Spawned by the Evangelical Environmental Network, it aims to capture a new generation for climate scaremongering.

Ostensibly, the YECA has already met “many evangelical leaders, as well as senior officials at the White House,” according to a report from Jim Wallis’ Sojourners. So it’s off and running.  Evidently not confident that compassion for the planet itself is sufficiently motivating, the new emphasis is on global warming’s impact on the “least of these,” as Jesus called the poor.  Ostensibly poor people are or will be the chief victims as, according to lore, the earth increasingly boils thanks to SUVS driven by gas guzzling Americans.

As the Sojourners announcement frankly admitted, popular concern about the “climate crisis” has been declining. The article cites a 2006 Evangelical Climate Initiative, backed by prominent clergy, as the “high water mark” for evangelical climate worriers.  “Regrettably, over the last several years, the climate crisis has largely dropped off the radar across the evangelical Christian community, just as it has within much of American politics,” Sojourners regretted.  It pointed the finger at the “climate deniers” who have been “all too effective in spinning concern about this crisis into a politically toxic and culturally controversial issue.”  So YECA has arisen to ensure “things need to change.”  After all, “There is no time to lose.” Continue reading

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