Harry Reid is the Majority Leader of the Senate of the United States. He occupies a position of influence at the pinnacle of the American system of government. Of late, the senator from Nevada has become a one-man, First Amendment wrecking crew.

If like Charles and David Koch, your political opinions offend Harry Reid’s ears, or if like the Washington Redskins, your taste in sports-team logos offends his eyes, Sen. Reid will use his office to try to shut you up or make you disappear.

For those who think the Kochs or the Redskins’ logo are unsympathetic victims, think again. The enforcers Sen. Reid is leading will get around to you eventually. In some places, they already have.

Sen. Reid, with Sen. Maria Cantwell of Washington state, outputted a letter signed by a total of 50 Democratic senators and addressed to National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell. It condemns Washington D.C.’s NFL team and its owner Daniel Snyder for not abandoning the team’s logo, the Redskins.

The letter calls the Washington Redskins a “racial slur.” Sen. Reid has accused the Washington Redskins of a “tradition of racism.” The letter says “Redskins” is the equivalent of the racist remarks of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Continuing in this vein of senatorial logic, the 50 members of the world’s greatest deliberative body more or less order Mr. Goodell (“Now is the time for the NFL to act”) to use his power to coerce a name change for Washington’s football team. Continue reading