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“It was during his tenure at Harvard Law School that he [Barack Obama] encountered the Brazilian socialist Roberto Mangabeira Unger, the author of over two dozen books on social theory, legal thought, economic thought, political alternatives and philosophy.

“One course Obama took from Unger was ‘Reinventing Democracy.’  Unger taught Obama that he should not take the words of the Constitution too seriously.  The cult of the Constitution is the supreme example of American institution worship.  Unger also urged a flexibility that would allow a president to circumvent the law of the land when it got in his way.  In other words the Constitution’s elastic clause has been so stretched that it means what we want it to mean.”  William A. Borst, Ph.D.

 A Rosebud Moment: The Roots of President Obama’s Driving Ambition

William A. Borst – ’The Mindszenty Report – October 2012 

In his film, Citizen Kane, Orson Welles established the first Rosebud Moment. His leading character had just died and his last word was Rosebud. It was an enigmatic moment that set the tone for the film. At the movie’s conclusion the audience learns that Rosebud was the name of the company that made Kane’s sled with which he was playing the day the bank foreclosed on his childhood home. That loss motivated his driven life.

The Outsider

President Barack Obama is arguably one of the most driven and enigmatic men ever to occupy the Oval Office. Historians and pundits have been laboring feverishly to find the Rosebud Moment in his life. While most agree that his ideology is the driving force of his moral compass, pinpointing that ideology has become a tiresome exercise. Theories abound as to what drives his ambition. One thing is certain! Obama is not a conventional liberal like Bill Clinton, Al Gore or even Jimmy Carter. Continue reading

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