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“British biogeographer Philip Stott warns that Warmism has ‘replaced Marxism as a dominant force for controlling liberty and human choices,’ and French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy speaks of ‘Reds who have now turned Greens…of the revolutionary jihad variety.’” Bruce Bawer, FrontPage Magazine, August 15, 2012

Inside the ‘Warmist’ Faith

By Bruce Bawer – FrontPageMag.Com – August 15, 2012

For those of us who might have thought (hoped?) that the climate-change hysteria of a couple of years ago was already on its way into the dustbin of history, the New York Times ran a piece on August 11 insisting that the danger is more urgent than ever.  “Until recently,” wrote Northern Arizona University earth scientist Chirstopher R. Schwalm, Clark University geographer Christopher A. Williams, and Kevin Schaeffer of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, “many scientists spoke of climate change mainly as a ‘threat,’ sometime in the future.  But it is increasingly clear that we already live in the era of human-induced climate change, with a growing frequency of weather and climate extremes like heat waves, droughts, floods and fires.” In the Times piece, which is apparently a précis of a recent essay in the journalNature-Geoscience, the three authors argued that the recent drought in the American West, in its length and severity, represented a radical departure from previous droughts, and that climate models suggest that “this extreme event could become the new normal.”  Their prescription: to prevent “a multidecade megadrought,” we must “reduce fossil-fuel emissions.”  And their conclusion: “there can be little doubt that what was once thought to be a future threat is suddenly, catastrophically upon us.”

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Is It Really Fair to Suggest Obama May Be a Marxist?

”Is it really fair to suggest he [Barack Obama] may be a Marxist? Or was there evidence for it all along? Well, consider the words of John C. Drew Ph.D., a man whom writer Paul Kengor [Grove City College professor] calls ‘Obama’s Missing Link.’ A contemporary of Obama’s at Occidental College three decades ago, Drew says that he himself was a Marxist at the time—and part of Obama’s inner circle. And what does he reveal? Obama was an ‘ardent’ Marxist-Leninist’ who ‘ was in 100 percent, total agreement with [his] Marxist professors,’ said Drew. “ Selwyn Duke, The New American, January 23, 2012, p. 21.

“When Drew discussed politics with Obama in 1980, Drew says that in Obama’s view, ‘America was definitely the enemy, and American elites were the enemy, and whatever America was doing was definitely wrong and bad. He thought that perhaps the Soviet Union was misunderstood, and it was doing a better job for its people than most people realized.” Ronald Kessler, “Obama Espoused Radical Views in College,” Newsmax, February 8, 2010.

“Scott Baker and Liz Stephans from the B-Cast interviewed Dr. John C. Drew today. Drew said he was a Marxist himself in college and was until 1984. He knew Obama at Occidental College and went out to dinner and argued politics with the young Marxist Barack Obama. Drew says Obama was a Marxist-Leninist and believed in redistribution of wealth. He was deceiving the public during the election because he was 100% in agreement with his Marxist pals and professors. Drew still believes that Obama is a socialist.” Gateway-Pundit, February 13, 2010.

“The fact is that it doesn’t take a behavioral scientist from the FBI to draw proper conclusions from Obama’s profile. We have in the President a man who: 1. Had communist Frank Marshall Davis as childhood mentor. [When Obama does mention his mentor in Hawaii he merely names him as ‘Frank.’ It turns out that Frank is “the late Frank Marshall Davis, a communist.” Andrew C. McCarthy, The Grand Jihad, p. 205.] 2. Was a flat-out Marxist-Leninist in college. 3. Was a member of a radical socialist party [The New Party] in the 1990s. [Also, see Trevor Loudon, Barack Obama and the Enemies Within, p. 74 for details of his association with the Marxist New Party.] 4. Has no known history of renouncing these views. 5. Later in life built an alliance with a ‘small c’ communist [Bill Ayers] and other assorted radicals {Mike Klonsky, Saul Alinsky, etc. etc.]. 6 Upon achieving high office, appointed avowed communists to his administration [Van Jones].” Selwyn Duke, The New American, January 23, 2012, p. 23.

“In the court of public opinion there must be no higher burden than in a civil court: a preponderance of it in the President’s case points to a simple conclusion: Barack Obama is likely a communist or communist sympathizer.” Selwyn Duke, The New American, January 23, 2012, p. 23.

For those finding such a conclusion impossible please read carefully “Is Communism Dead? You Decide” in Fred C. Schwarz and David A. Noebel’s You Can Still Trust the Communists to be Communist (Socialists and Progressives too), p. 303f. Also, Trevor Loudon, Barack Obama and the Enemies Within and Andrew C. McCarthy, The Grand Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America. Says McCarthy, “The faith to which Obama actually clings is neocommunism.” P.12.

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