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Homosexual Columnist Blast Same-Sex Marriage

Claims state has no right to redefine meaning of family 


An openly homosexual columnist in Ireland has written a piece blasting his country for considering same-sex marriage, warning the state has no business reinventing the family and undermining children’s “right” to a mother and father.

Paddy Manning, writing in the Irish Daily Mirror, tells of being arrested for hitting on a male police officer, but warns the solution to persecution of homosexuals isn’t to have government carve up traditional marriage.

“Same-sex marriage is not some warm, fluffy equality bunny; it’s a bare-faced state power grab.” Manning writes. ‘The state gets to entirely remake marriage, not as the man/woman/chi!d model we’ve inherited from 10,000 years of history and across all cultures, but as an anything-goes irrelevant partnership agreement between adults.”

Manning explains same-sex unions will render marriage “irrelevant” because “for the first time, children and parenthood [will have] no place in marriage.

“Only a man and a woman haver children, despite every fantasy the gendcr-busters want us to believe,” Manning writes. “Every child has a right to that natural life. Same-sex marriage asks us to ignore reality and children’s rights to a mother and father.”

Manning’s column was published as part of a newspaper debate conducted after it was revealed the Republic of Ireland will hold a referendum on the issue in 2015.

Ireland’s Prime Minister Enda Kenny said he supports same-sex marriage ‘”very strongly” and that the Government will actively campaign for it.

But Manning is telling Kenny to keep the government out of fixing what isn’t broken. Continue reading

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“Robert Knight calls ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act] a ‘gay quota bill’ and describes it as ‘profoundly dangerous’ because it turns ‘private sin into a public right and brings the force of government against morality itself.’  Knight adds that ENDA ‘falsely equates a changeable condition (sexual desire) with race and ethnicity.  Worse, it turns traditional values into a form of bigotry punishable under the law.’”  Bill Muehlenberg

The ENDA Faith, Family and Freedom

Bill Muehlenberg, Culture Watch blog, November 11, 2013

When the radicals want to destroy time-honoured institutions like marriage and family, it is not as easy to do so if they just came out and said they hate 41574_109109195796578_4711473_nthese things and want to see them forever demolished. No, that is still a bit too radical for most people.

So they have to come up with slightly more subtle means by which they can achieve the same ends. And those who want to see religious liberty come to an end also need to be a little more coy in what they are seeking to do. Coming out saying “We despise your religions and are working to completely ban them” might be a bit too stark and obvious.

So the softly, softly approach is the preferred method of destroying the West. Finding nice-sounding policies and seemingly humane legislation – which really are just as dangerous to faith, freedom and family – is clearly the way to go. And the radicals have mastered the art of this, bringing in all sorts of laws that look good on the outside, but are toxic on the inside.

Thus we have hundreds of anti-discrimination laws being passed all the time. Well, that sounds like a pretty decent thing, right? After all, isn’t discrimination bad, and shouldn’t it always be opposed? So a multitude of sins can be covered by simply running with such legislation.

Radical agendas can still be fully implemented by these means, but most people are completely suckered in the process. A primary example of this is ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. This American legislation was just passed by the US Senate. Continue reading

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