Roaring Womyn

4c7b111bf9cb2b7cb16f03e5e6528ddb_original“I am Woman. Hear me roar.”

“Radical feminist separated righteousness from indignation a long time ago.” Fay Voshell

“How ironic is it that the anti-woman philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer is vindicated when in his essay ‘On Women,’ accused the female sex of being incapable of reasoning and being ruled by emotions, the result of which is that ‘One must say the fundamental defect of the female character is a lack of a sense of justice.’” Ibid

Feminists Have Nothing Left but the Roar

Fay Voshell, American Thinker, January 27, 2017

Of all the photos taken of the Million Women March, one that stood out is of a cute little girl barely out of toddlerhood. She is holding of a sign that said, “F**k your fascist bulls**t.”  Her mother stands behind her beaming proudly.

Just what goal the mom has in mind is a little unclear, but her anger is palpable, and she is teaching her daughter to follow in her footsteps. We can assume mom thinks of herself as righteously indignant.

But the radical feminist movement separated righteousness from indignation a long time ago.  Continue reading

Meet Marlene Dietrich


“Celebrities such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Meryl Streep are described as brave, a true inspiration, and heroes. But what have they really done besides using hyperbolic language?…They do not know what the word courageous means. They should take a lesson from a celebrity who was bold, daring, and fearless: Marlene Dietrich.” Elise Cooper

“She lived with the troops, and not in some plush hotel.” Ibid

“But she was courageous. In November 1947, she received the Medal of Freedom, one of her proudest accomplishments, as well as the French Legion d’Honneur.” Ibid

Behold: A Celebrity Patriots Can Admire

By Elise Cooper,  American Thinker, January 28, 2017

Professors, political commentators, celebrities, and even some in the mainstream media have engaged in rhetoric to denounce Donald Trump.  It appeared that Lady Gaga sported an outfit resembling a Nazi uniform at Hillary Clinton’s final rally, and then there was Madonna at the women’s march in Washington, D.C., who told the crowd that she had “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”  In addition, Hollywood stars and those in the press have gone over the line by describing Trump and his administration as “Hitlerian.”

This comparison is ridiculous, considering that Trump’s son-in-law and daughter are Orthodox Jews, and giving an invocation at the inauguration was Rabbi Marvin Hier, the dean of The Simon Wiesenthal Center, which confronts anti-Semitism.  People should not forget that during Hitler’s regime, there were political opponents thrown into prison, with many executed; the mass slaughter of Jews and gays along with other ethnicities; Russian prisoners of war killed; forced labor camps; the Nuremberg laws of 1935; children experimented on; and the Final Solution of the Jews.  By comparing Trump to Hitler people are trivializing the Holocaust’s victims. Continue reading

Black Slavery/Reparations/Democrats

635955ban_charter“Only very late in the history of the world’s great civilizations did a major moral revulsion against slavery begin. It began in the West.

“Those who spearheaded the organized effort to abolish the slave trade were British evangelical Christians.

“The worldwide abolition of slavery was a long, arduous, and costly struggle—partly because of opposition within Western civilization but much more so because the non-Western world (Asia, Africa, and especially the Arab world) bitterly resisted abolition of this institution, around which their own economies were often built.

“In African societies where the enslavement of other Africans had been going on for centuries before the white man came, there was bitter resistance to the increasing pressures from European nations for an end to the slave trade and an end to slavery itself.” Thomas Sowell, The World & I, May 1991, p. 590

“Slavery became a worldwide phenomenon during the Middle Ages. The modern slave trade began and expanded early in the era, but the practice existed in some form from time immemorial. Under the Roman Empire, it was not a black-only phenomenon, but universal.” George DeVries III

Not So Fast, UN: The US Owes No ‘Reparations’ to Blacks

George DeVries III, American Thinker, February 9, 2017

A September 2016 United Nations panel in Geneva decided the U.S. owed blacks reparations for a history of ‘racial terror.’

Ishaan Tharoor of the Washington Post notes:

In particular, the legacy of colonial history, enslavement, racial subordination and segregation, racial terrorism and racial inequality in the United States remains a serious challenge as there has been no real commitment to reparations and to truth and reconciliation for people of African descent.  Contemporary police killings and the trauma that they create are reminiscent of the past racial terror of lynching.

This UN action, of course, was followed by last December’s resolution against Israeli settlements.  Interestingly, in the same December time period, the UN could not bring itself to impose sanctions and an arms embargo on a South Sudan that is plunged into ethnic conflict in which thousands have already been killed.  It seems the newer, anti-colonial, anti-West members suffer from a case of moral schizophrenia. Continue reading