Teaching Lechery


“We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.” C. S. Lewis

“The next great heresy is going to be simply an attack on morality; and especially on sexual morality. And it is coming…from [those] resolved to enjoy themselves, with [nothing] to hold them back.” G. K. Chesterton

“For years our [public] schools have mocked morality.” Everett Piper

Teaching lechery and getting lechers

Everett Piper, The Washington Times, December 4, 2017, p. 20


Another day and yet more and more claims of sexual assault flood the news.

NBC announced Wednesday its firing of Matt Lauer. Axios reports that, in addition to Mr. Lauer, the list of sexual miscreants now includes the likes of celebrity chef John Besh, Comedian Louis C.K, Cinefamily executives Hadrian Belove and Shadie Elnashai, actor Richard Dreyfuss, director-producer Gary Goddard, casting employee Andy Henry, actor Dustin Hoffman, actor Robert Knepper, showrunner Andrew Kreisberg, actor Jeremy Piven, filmmaker Brett Ratner, comedy festival organizer Gilbert Rozon, producer Chris Savino, actor Steven Seagal, actor Tom Sizemore, actor Kevin Spacey, actor Jeffrey Tambor, actor George Takei, writer-director James Toback, “Mad Men” creator Matthew Weiner, actor Ed Westwick, Billboard magazine executive Stephen Blackwell, Penguin Random House art director Giuseppe Castellano, New Republic publisher Hamilton Fish, Artforum publisher Knight Landesman, NPR news chief Michael Oreskes, Amazon executive Roy Price, Webster Public Relations CEO Kirt Webster, Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner, New Republic editor Leon Wieseltier, NBC News booking exec Matt Zimmerman, Sen. Al Franken, Senate candidate Roy Moore, Florida Democratic Party Chairman Stephen Bittel, Florida Democratic state Sen. Jeff Clemens resigned, Florida Republican state Senator Jack Latvala, Kentucky House Speaker Jeff Hoover, British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon, International Olympic Committee member Alex Gilady, Former South African soccer association president Danny Jordaan, Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter, and CBS News personality Charlie Rose. Continue reading



little_town_of_bethlehem“Before Christ, human life was cheap and expendable all over the world.  In the Americas, the Near East, Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East child sacrifice was a common phenomenon.”  Scott S. Powell

Editor’s Note:  For further documentation on Powell’s argument on the importance of the Birth of Jesus Christ we highly recommend D. James Kennedy’s work What If Jesus Had Never Been Born.

What Would the World Look Life if Christ had Never Been Born?

Scott S. Powell, American Thinker, December 25, 2017

For Christians, Christmas is a unique time of joy associated with the birth of the savior Jesus, whose life, death and resurrection makes possible a personal and intimate relationship with God. Jesus was born a Jew, and his teachings were built on the foundation of the Torah and the Old Testament. And so it is that Christians and Jews have much in common and share a natural mutual affinity.

Christians and Jews have both faced persecution throughout history, and hostility is again intensifying. And that persecution comes not just from radical Islamists, but also from secular progressives who now dominate Western culture.

Various towering intellectuals even wish that Christ had never been born. Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche, who separately inspired and/or influenced the rise of murderous totalitarian regimes in Russia and Germany both condemned Christianity and religion in general. For Marx, “religion was the opium of the people.” Nietzsche said Christianity was “the greatest of all imaginable corruptions.”

It’s a Wonderful Life is an American film classic enjoyed by more during the Christmas season today than when it first came out in 1946. Directed by legendary Frank Capra, the film is an otherworldly story revolving around a main character played by Jimmy Stewart — a narrative showing what life would have been like if he had never been born. Similarly, since Capra’s collective cinematographic works exhibit a profoundly Christian vision, it’s worth extrapolating on how history and the present would be different if Christ had never been born.

For starters, if Christ had not been born, people around the world may not have agreed on how to measure time. Think how confusing it would be if different people and nations didn’t count time as Before Christ (B.C.) or after Christ (A.D.).

More importantly, history shows that the Christian Church has brought about more changes for the advancement and benefit of people than any other force or movement. Nonbelieving secular-minded people might be surprised by the myriad achievements by committed Christians — progressive accomplishments that they too celebrate. Continue reading

Christmas Bells


I heard the bells on Christmas Day

Their old, familiar carols play,

And wild and sweet

The words repeat

Of peace on earth, good-will to men!


And thought how, as the day had come,

The belfries of all Christendom

Had rolled along

The unbroken song

Of peace on earth, good-will to men!


Till ringing, singing on its way,

The world revolved from night to day,

A voice, a chime,

A chant sublime

Of peace on earth, good-will to men!

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