The Long March


“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Barack Obama

“The plan was for Marxists to infiltrate all of America’s major instructions—politics, the news media, the education system, the churches, the entertainment industry—and slowly subvert those institutions from within, thereby subverting America.” Charles Sasser


Cites ominous results of Obama’s ‘5 days away from fundamentally transforming America’

WorldNetDaily, September 3, 2017

“We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” declared Barack Obama during a campaign stop on Oct. 30, 2008, five days before the election that would make him the most powerful man in the world.

The concept of “fundamental transformation” has been discussed vigorously since then, especially in light of the many sweeping changes Obama brought to the country over his eight years in office.

Historian Charles Sasser sees Obama’s “fundamental transformation” in the context of an older and more sinister plan articulated by a pair of Marxist activists nearly 50 years ago.

“What we’re seeing now is this fundamental transformation, and it goes all the way back to [Herbert] Marcuse,” Sasser said during a recent appearance on the “Prophecy Hour” radio program. “In the 1960s when he  [Marcuse] was talking about the ‘long march through the institutions,’ this is what Obama was talking about – the fundamental transformation of America.”

The “long march through the institutions” was coined by student activist Rudi Dutschke in the late 1960s to describe his strategy for bringing about the conditions for a Marxist revolution in the United States. Continue reading


Meet Antifa

antifa“Antifa are willing to employ muscle to achieve their ends.” Ian Tuttle, National Review Online, June 5, 2017

“For Antifa, the purpose of words is to cloak reality. Antifa’s reason for describing something or someone as ‘fascist’ is not that it is actually fascist (although perhaps on occasion they do stumble onto the genuine item), but that describing it that way is politically advantageous.” Ibid

“They’re mostly anarchists and anarcho-communists, and they often refer to fellow protesters as ‘comrades.’” The Wall Street Journal, August 29, 2017, p. A 14

The Wall Street Journal editorial

August 29, 2017, p. A 14

Politically charged street brawls broke out in Berkeley, California, on Sunday, with police arresting 13 charming participants on charges including assault with a deadly weapon. One Twitter video showed masked activists kicking a man curled in fetal position on the ground; the beat-down stopped only when a journalist, Al Letson, shielded the man with his body. “I was scared they were going to kill him,” Mr. Letson said.
As Charlottesville drew attention to the worst elements of the far right, Sunday’s melee revealed an increasingly violent fringe of the radical left that has received far less media coverage, much less criticism. It’s called Antifa, pronounced “An-tee-fa,” which is short for “anti-fascist.”


Antifa members sometimes claim their movement spans the globe and dates to the 1920s and ’30s, citing the 1936 Battle of Cable Street, where protesters shut down a march by the British Union of Fascists. But in the United States and Britain, Antifa grew in the 1980s primarily out of the punk rock scene. As Nazi and white supremacist skinheads became a bigger part of this largely un-policed subculture, far-leftists met violence with violence, calling it self-defense.
As it grew beyond punk, Antifa’s adherents organized through the now-defunct Anti-Racist Action network and now sometimes through the Torch Network, as well as other less visible groups. Many activists also aligned themselves with the broader anti-globalization movement. But Donald Trump’s election has become the catalyst launching Antifa into a broader political movement.

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Red Diaper Babies

“In the White House, President Obama surrounded himself with more red diaper babies and communist supporters.” Karin McQuillan

“Obama’s entire innermost circle were children of communists.” Ibid

Russian Collusion in Democrat Inner Circle

Karin McQuillan, American Thinker, August 11, 2017

red diaper baby-cropped-proto-custom_28There has been enthusiastic collusion by the leadership of the Democratic Party with the Russian disinformation campaign to destroy President Donald Trump.  (See “A Brief History of ‘Fake News'” on AT.)  The Democrat willingness to collude with Russia to overturn our democratically elected president is unprecedented.  There is the infamous case of Ted Kennedy approaching the Kremlin to help Democrats defeat Reagan, but never before has collusion with our enemies by a non-communist party been sustained and widespread.

What has changed?  We are reaping the results of a multi-decade effort by the communist and socialist left.  Leftists have finally dominated and transformed the Democratic Party – into something vicious and dangerous to our republic.

Obama openly boasted that radicalized and mostly non-white Millennials will soon give leftists a permanent majority.  Our Constitution and two-party system were to be thrown in the dustbin of history.  When Trump destroyed their plans by winning the 2016 election, hard-left Democrats weren’t willing to give up power.  The niceties of democracy, where the voters get to chose their leaders, do not fit the communist credo Obama and his inner circle were raised on.

As I wrote previously, Obama’s entire innermost circle were children of communists.  That does not happen by coincidence.  Continue reading