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Alex’s Prayer


“Alex Trebek last March requested that the public pray for him.” Monica Showalter

“NBC cut out Trebek’s statement about the power of prayer.” Ibid

Editor’s Note:  Yesterday my wife and I were with her stroke physician.  He told her that meditation was an important part of healing.  She said she understood!  We both do…My guess is that a great number of the medical profession agrees. 

I’ll take bias and censorship for cancer prayers, Alex…

By Monica Showalter, American Thinker, June 1, 2019

Most people, if they get the enormous challenge of cancer and become cancer patients, include prayer as very much a part of their story.  It’s natural.  Alex Trebek, the beloved longtime Jeopardy! host, had a ferocious cancer battle ahead of him with Stage IV pancreatic cancer, which has a nearly hopeless prognosis — and two months after telling the public about it, very specifically asking for their prayers, he miraculously went into an apparent remission, his tumor reduced by at least half, though he still has months of treatment ahead of him.

Did the press report his natural reaction of rejoicing from the power of prayer, as well as thanking his world-class medical providers?  Nope, not the prayer part.

According to NewsBusters, ABC reported Trebek’s story with the expected accuracy, but NBC cut out Trebek’s statement about the power of prayer:

Now let’s look at NBC’s edits. Correspondent Joe Fryer played the same soundbite of Trebek’s vow. But in this one, the NBC reporter spoke over the prayer part so it sounded like this: “I plan to beat the low survival rate statistics for this disease.” And so the edit stood out in the video provided.

Next came the part where Fryer skipped over Trebek’s credits in the People magazine piece: “He tells People, “I’ve got a couple million people out there who have expressed good thoughts… I told the doctors this has to be more than just the chemo.” For Trebek, that support is part of the answer.” Compare that to what Muir said and what People magazine wrote.

It was highly relevant to his story because Trebek last March requested that the public pray for him — here was his poignant statement last March: Continue reading

The Bishop’s Mafia

Pope Francis attends the audience to CHARIS (Catholic Charismatic Renewal) conference in the Paul VI hall at the Vatican on June 8, 2019. (Photo by Alberto PIZZOLI / AFP) (Photo credit should read ALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP/Getty Images)“Instead, a ‘gay mafia’ among the bishops, seeking to protect themselves, was ‘sabotaging all efforts at reform.’” Thomas D. Williams

“Homosexual networks…are now widespread in many dioceses, seminaries, religious orders, etc.” ibid

Vatican Whistleblower Says ‘Gay Mafia’ Is Blocking Needed Reforms

The former Vatican ambassador to the United States told the Washington Post a gay mafia among Church leadership is blocking attempts to seriously address clerical sexual abuse.

Thomas D. Williams,, June 11, 2019

In an extensive interview, snippets of which were published Monday, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò said that the sexual abuse crisis would be “far less severe” if the “problem of homosexuality in the priesthood were honestly acknowledged and properly addressed.”

“Given the overwhelming evidence, it is mind-boggling that the word ‘homosexuality’ has not appeared once, in any of the recent official documents of the Holy See” dealing with clerical sexual abuse, Viganò told the Post.

Instead, a “gay mafia” among the bishops, seeking to protect themselves, was “sabotaging all efforts at reform,” he said.

Late last August, Archbishop Viganò released a shocking 11-page report declaring that in 2013 he had personally informed Pope Francis of the serial homosexual abuse of then-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, but that the pope had ignored the information, elevating McCarrick to a position of influence in the Vatican.

In that report, Viganò linked the clerical sex abuse crisis as well as coverups by bishops to an extensive “homosexual network” in the Church.

“These homosexual networks, which are now widespread in many dioceses, seminaries, religious orders, etc., act under the concealment of secrecy and lies,” he said, “and strangle innocent victims and priestly vocations, and are strangling the entire Church.”

In his allegation, the archbishop did not shy away from naming names.

According to Viganò, Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio and Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, for example, “belong to the homosexual current in favor of subverting Catholic doctrine on homosexuality.”

In January 2015, Pope Francis appointed Cardinal Coccopalmerio as head of a review board for appeals from clergy found guilty of sexual abuse of minors. In August 2016, the pope named Archbishop Paglia President of the Pontifical Academy for Life and Grand Chancellor of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family.

Many of the pope’s allegedly mistaken appointments were made on the basis of McCarrick’s recommendations, Viganò asserted.

“He followed the advice of someone he knew well to be a pervert, thus multiplying exponentially with his supreme authority the evil done by McCarrick. And how many other evil pastors is Francis still continuing to prop up in their active destruction of the Church!” he said.

Graded Excellent!

“At Purdue University, we protect and promote the right to free and open inquiry in all matters and guarantee all members of the University community the broadest possible latitude to speak, write, listen, challenge and learn.” Mitch Daniels

“We [University of Chicago] have an obligation to see that the greatest variety of perspectives is brought to bear on issues before us as scholars and citizens.” Robert Zimmer

“10 colleges where you won’t have to walk on eggshells.”

Walter Williams,, June 11, 2019

When you send your youngster off to college, you might not mind that they will have to walk on eggshells, respect taboos, snitch on fellow students for politically incorrect jokes and learn to use ad hominem arguments as a means to attack ideas they find “disagreeable.” If that’s your preference, you can choose from a wide variety of America’s top-ranked colleges. If you want to send your youngster to colleges that are seriously committed to civil and diverse debate, pick up a copy of the June 2019 edition of Reason magazine for some guidance.

Professors Debra Mashek and Jonathan Haidt authored “10 Colleges Where You Won’t Have to Walk on Eggshells.” Mashek and Haidt are, respectively, faculty members of Harvey Mudd College and New York University. Haidt is the co-founder of the Heterodox Academy and Mashek is its executive director. Heterodox Academy is nonpartisan and boasts a membership of more than 2,500 faculty and college administrators who advocate for open inquiry and civil disagreement on college campuses and in academic disciplines.

The Mashek and Haidt article discusses 10 colleges in alphabetical order. Among them is Chapman University, whose president, Daniele Struppa, is “an outspoken advocate of academic freedom and freedom of speech.” Struppa has little tolerance for the political correctness so prevalent at most of the nation’s colleges.

The University of Chicago has set the gold standard on free speech and open inquiry. In 2014, it created its “Statement on Principles of Free Expression” (aka the Chicago Principles). Those principles provide the framework for thinking about the importance of dissent as well as the role of the university for establishing the platform for debate. University of Chicago president Robert Zimmer says, “We have an obligation to see that the greatest variety of perspectives is brought to bear on issues before us as scholars and citizens.” The Chicago Principles, or substantially similar ones, have been adopted by 55 schools across the nation. In June 2018, the University of Chicago received Heterodox Academy’s Institutional Excellence Award in recognition of its stellar culture and support for open inquiry.

Other colleges listed in the Mashek and Haidt article, where students won’t have to walk on eggshells include Arizona State University, Claremont McKenna College, Kansas State University, Kenyon College, Linn-Benton Community College, St. John’s College, University of Richmond and Purdue University. It’s worth noting that Mitch Daniels is president of Purdue University and former two-term governor of the state of Indiana. Daniels and his interim provost Jay Akridge wrote this message to the Purdue community: “At Purdue, we protect and promote the right to free and open inquiry in all matters and guarantee all members of the University community the broadest possible latitude to speak, write, listen challenge and learn.”

In my opinion, it is truly a tragic state of affairs when free speech and free inquiry require protection at most institutions of higher learning. Indeed, it has been freedom in the marketplace of ideas that has made the United States, as well as other western nations, leaders in virtually every area of human endeavor. A monopoly of ideas is just as dangerous as a monopoly in other areas of our lives such as monopoly in political power and the production of goods and services.

At the end of Professors Mashek’s and Haidt’s article, they come up with a few suggestions for parents. Visit the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education website to find out about a particular college’s agenda to suppress free speech. By all means, check out the Heterodox Academy website. Search the college’s website for terms such as “open inquiry,” “freedom of expression” and “free speech.” Examine the college’s calendar of events to see whether speakers with diverse opinions are invited. Visit the campus. Talk with actual students about their experiences. In this article, Mashek and Haidt give specific questions to ask. I’d add to their list of things to do on a campus visit: Talk to the local police, bartenders and hospital people about the college. They might give you insights that an admissions officer would choose to keep hidden.