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The Green New Deal

gnd-aoc“The U. S. is responsible for about 14% of CO2 emissions and these have been declining due to increased use of carbon-light natural gas.  The rest of the world is responsible for 86% of the emissions and the rest of the world is not adopting a Green New Deal.”  Norman Rogers

“Trying to operate the electric grid of the United States on wind and solar power is simply ignorant.” Ibid

“Although we live in a golden age of prosperity and opportunity, we also live in an age of ignorance.” Ibid

“Socialistic ideas were already thoroughly discredited by 1950.  Think of George Orwell’s books 1984and Animal Farm, and the seminal critique of socialism The Road to Serfdomby F. A. Hayek.” Ibid

Editor’s Note:  Ludwig von Mises’ Socialism:  An Economic andSociological Analysispublished in 1922 already laid bare the essence of socialism and its aftermath.  Tom Bethell’s The Noblest Triumph likewise spells out the socialist parameters.  Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels, of course, spoke right to its core: The Abolition of Private Property.

The Green New Deal

By Norman Rogers, The New American, February 14, 2019

Apparently, the inmates have taken over the asylum, led by the former barmaid Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, now a member of Congress. The Green New Deal is a bizarre plan to create a cultural revolution in the United States. The role of Mao’s little red book is replaced by the musings of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). After the green revolution, happiness will reign throughout the land.

Ms. Ocasio can’t even make a credible threat to our economic well-being. According to the Green New Deal, if we don’t prevent global warming, we will lose $500 billion of annual economic output by 2100. The current GDP of the U.S. is $20 trillion. Assuming modest real growth of one percent per year, GDP will be $44 trillion (in current dollars) by 2100. Losing $500 billion or 1.1 percent of 2100 economic output is clearly minor and would be made up by 2101. The Green New Deal advocates instantly destroy their own argument with their own numbers. Continue reading


1,000 Scientists


“More than 1,000 highly influential scientists from around the world have gone on record with their doubts about Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.” Bruce Chapman

“As a biochemist I became skeptical about Darwinism when I was confronted with the extreme intricacy of the genetic code and its many intelligent strategies to code, decode, and protect its information.”  Marcos Eberlin, Ph.D.

Editor’s Note:  The following works spell the doom of Darwin’s theory of evolution—Darwin Retriedby Norman Macbeth; Implications of Evolutionby G. A. Kerkut; Evolution: The Challenge of the Fossil Recordby Duane T. Gish; Evolution: A Theory in Crisisby Michael Denton; Origin Scienceby Normal L. Geisler and J. Kerby Anderson; The Origin of Species Revisited:The Theories of Evolution and of Abrupt Appearance(Volume I and II) by W. R. Bird.


‘Careful examination of the evidence of Darwinian theory should be encouraged’

Bruce Chapman,, February 9, 2019

More than 1,000 highly influential scientists from around the world have gone on record with their doubts about Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.

They hail from institutions such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Columbia, Tulane, Rice and Baylor, the National Academy of Sciences, the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the British Museum and MIT’s Lincoln Library.

“We are skeptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life,” they say in a statement. “Careful examination of the evidence for Darwinian theory should be encouraged.”

The scientists include the best in molecular biology, biochemistry, biology, entomology, computational quantum chemistry, microbiology, psychiatry and behavioral sciences, astrophysics, marine biology, cellular biology, physics and astronomy, math, physics, geology and anthropology, according to Evolution News, an online publication of the Discovery Institute in Seattle, which promotes the theory of intelligent design. Continue reading

Meet UCLA’s Keith Fink

“Keith Fink is one of the best teachers at UCLA.” Negeen Arasteh and Shahab Naimi

“In July 2017, UCLA opted to purge the conservative Fink.” Lloyd Billingsley

Leftist colossus tilts UCLA toward totalitarian thought control.

Lloyd Billingsley,, February 5, 2019

Editors’ note: At the end of the 1960s at UCLA, the Black Panthers and the US organization battled for control of the new Black Studies program. In time, Chicano Studies, Women’s Studies, and Queer Studies also gained official recognition. Through the 1970s and 1980s, the University of California system rejected academically-qualified students and accepted others based on race and ethnicity. In 1996, voters responded with the California Civil Rights Initiative, which banned racial and ethnic preferences in state education, employment and contracting.

Twenty years later, UCLA’s Vice Chancellor for Equity Diversity and Inclusion is a specialist in “implicit bias” theory but shows a distinct preference for politically correct groups of the Left. Meanwhile, professors of a certain ethnicity and conservative political profile are ostracized for championing free speech. Even their staff and student supporters come under fire.

Below is Part III of Frontpage Mag’s 4-part series by Lloyd Billingsley on this state of affairs at UCLA. [Read Part I: HERE. Read Part II: HERE. Read Part IV: HERE.]

Legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden won ten NCAA national championships, including a record seven in a row. As a student at UCLA, Keith Fink was something of an academic John Wooden, winning three national debating championships. After earning a law degree, Fink returned to the campus in 2008 as a professor, in the same department as his college debate coach Thomas Miller. Fink became popular with students, with good reason.

Jewish students Negeen Arasteh and Shahab Naimi, for example, sought out Fink’s classes because he is “one of the best teachers at UCLA.” Students of all backgrounds and disciplines packed classes such as “Sex, Politics and Race: Free Speech on Campus.” In all his classes, Fink championed what he calls “fundamental American values,” such as free speech and due process. Politically correct campus bosses didn’t like it.

As professor Fink told Frontpage last year, “They are all afraid of a vocal, rational intelligent conservative who can provide a check on the progressive narrative they seek to indoctrinate the students with and empowers the students with knowledge of their rights on how to fight against the UC when their rights are being violated.” Jerry Kang, UCLA Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and his commissars responded by slapping restrictions on Fink’s class sizes. Continue reading