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David Livingstone and the Slave Trade


“Dr. Livingstone was the internationally renowned [Christian] missionary who had discovered the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls, and searched for the source of the Nile.” Bill Federer

“David Livingstone was horrified by the Arab Muslim slave trade. His letters, books, and journals stirred up a public outcry to abolish slavery.” Ibid


Bill Federer recounts adventurous life of famous African missionary

Bill Federer,, November 10, 2018

“Doctor Livingstone, I presume?” stated New York Herald reporter Henry Stanley on Nov. 10, 1871, as he met David Livingstone on the banks of Africa’s Lake Tanganyika.

Dr. Livingstone was the internationally renowned missionary who had discovered the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls, and searched for the source of the Nile. He had not been heard from in years and was rumored to have died. Stanley, a skeptic, was sent from America to find him and write a story.

David Livingstone had been raised in the Church of Scotland, then the Congregational Church, and committed his life to Christ to become a medical missionary to China. When the medical school required him to learn Latin, David Livingstone met a local Irish Catholic to tutor him, Daniel Gallagher, who later became a priest and founded St. Simon’s Church in Glasgow. David Livingstone’s plans changed when the Opium Wars broke out in China.

David Livingstone was convinced by Missionary Robert Moffat to go to South Africa where there was “the smoke of a thousand villages, where no missionary had ever been.” Continue reading


Cultural Marxism

“Classic Marxism interprets history as a series of economic stages. The driving force is the struggle between the oppressors (capitalists) and the oppressed (proletariat). Cultural Marxism extends the same form of analysis from economics to race [white vs. black/brown/red/yellow], sex [men vs. women/LGBTQIA], ethnicity [Nation states vs. Globalists]—the list is virtually endless.” Nancy Pearcey

Midterms Bring Out the Marxists

With the midterms upon us, cultural Marxism has emerged as a lightning rod, re-igniting the battle over whether it is a malignant force in society – or whether it even exists.

The new Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, is charged with being a fascist, misogynist white supremacist – who adds to his crimes the fact that he thinks cultural Marxism is both real and destructive.

Jordan Peterson prefers the term “postmodern neo-Marxism” and condemns it as dangerous – for which he is targeted in the media and accused of preaching “patriarchy, misogyny, and illiberal politics.”

Senator Rand Paul sees cultural Marxism as the driving force behind grievance politics – groups identifying as victims of exploitation to gain moral prestige and political advantage.

Liberals don’t bother to debate what the term means.  They deny that it means anything at all.  Recently, Salon dismissed cultural Marxism as “a hoax concept.”  The Daily Dot denounced it as “little more than a racist dog whistle.”  Even the libertarian magazine Reason Continue reading

Climate Scientists, Part 2000

1*onHmStpA6jXGHV3YzUVKZA“About 10 years ago the brand name global warmingwas changed to climate change.  The reason was simple.  The Earth was failing to warm.” Norman Rogers

“There are many known forces that can change the climate and possibly unknown forces yet to be discovered…The multi-period changes in the magnetic field of the Sunpotentially can affect the climate.” Ibid

Global Warming and Fake Science

By Norman Rogers, American Thinker, November 6, 2018

About 10 years ago, the brand name global warming was changed to climate change.  The reason was simple: the Earth was failing to warm.  An additional benefit of the climate change slogan was that everything that goes wrong with the weather can be blamed on climate change, caused by burning fossil fuels.  The 2012 Hurricane Sandy, which flooded parts of New York and New Jersey, is routinely blamed on climate change.  The great New England hurricane of 1938 struck the same area and was vastly worse, killing more than 600 persons.  That could not be blamed on climate change caused by CO2, because CO2 was not an issue in 1938.  Blaming Sandy on CO2-caused climate change is simply a made up story without scientific foundation.  Just because there are plenty of scientists making a connection between climate change and Sandy, that does not mean that a scientific foundation exists.  It does mean that plenty of scientists are eager to benefit from natural disasters.

The idea that scientists are neutral observers resistant to political influence and money is naïve.  Scientists are bought and sold every day in the courtrooms of America as paid witnesses.  Scientific organizations lobby relentlessly and effectively in Washington.  The National Academy of Science pretends to be the government’s adviser on scientific matters.  Somehow, their recommendations always suggest that more money should be spent on science.  Global warming, AKA climate change, has been a bonanza for a large segment of the scientific community.  Just as with other special interest groups, the policy recommendations of the science community are heavily influenced by the prospects of getting money from the government.  We need science, but science cannot be allowed to run wild. Continue reading