Dr. David A. Noebel is founder and former president of Summit Ministries. Dr. Noebel has been a college professor, college president, and candidate for the U.S. Congress. Dr. Noebel has a B.A. from Hope College in Holland, a M.A. from the University of Tulsa, and was a Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin. He is an Author, Editor, Public Speaker, and Ordained Minister. He is recognized as an expert on worldview analysis and the decline of morality and spirituality in Western Civilization. He travels worldwide lecturing in high schools, universities, and churches. David has been a guest on numerous national radio and television programs. He has authored a number of books and has written extensively on the subject of Western Civilization’s moral and spiritual decline. His most popular works include Understanding the Times (which has sold over 500,000 copies), the New York Times‘ best selling Mind Siege (co-authored with Tim LaHaye), You Can Still Trust the Communists to Be Communists (co-authored with Dr. Fred Schwarz) and Clergy in the Classroom (co-authored with Kevin Bywater and J.F. Baldwin). Dr. Noebel is president of Dr. Fred C. Schwarz’ founded Christian Anti-Communism Crusade and editor, along with Dr. Michael Bauman (Hillsdale College professor), of The Schwarz Report.  The Report may be read at schwarzreport.org website.

Note:  If anyone reading these blogs, sponsored by the Christian Anti-Communism Crusade, would enjoy supporting the organization, checks may be made out to either Christian Anti-Communism Crusade or Christian Worldview Ministry and sent to P. O. Box 129, Manitou Springs, Colorado 80829 OR visit The Schwartz Report Online.  Thank you for your interest.

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  1. Margaret McCarthy says:

    I loved your talk at the Cardinal Mindszenty Conference last Sat.! I would like to have a copy of your full talk sent to be by e-mail, if you would be so kind. I bought and am reading your updated book, “You can Still Trust a Communist . . ” although it’s guaranteed to keep me wakening at night in terror at what is headed our way unless we can turn both the government and our culture around.

    Thank you for all that you do and have done for the sake of Our Lord and for our country. May God please continue to bless America.

  2. Dean J DAlessandro says:

    I also attended the Cardinal Mindszenty Conference. Your presentation was superlative. Nothing in it was politically correct or help back. The facts are as they are and can’t be “explained” away in legal jargon or “double speak”. As you say Communists are still Communists.

    I purchased the book and the cover is a work of art… very creative. If you could as you stated at the conference… please forward a copy of your transcript from your discourse I would appreciate it.

    I am a bit more optimistic than Margaret, as I am sure as the “word” of socialism/Marxist Theology becomes more aware to the public, those who are knowledgable and are paying attention; things will change…. perhaps though not without a fight !

    I am grateful for your efforts… as Jefferson once wrote: “One man with courgage is a majority”.

  3. The CACC neds to grow and be more active reversing The Damage caused by these Marxists !!


  4. rudyh39 says:

    The CACC has, since it’s inception, in and of itself tirelessly ‘broadcast’ the Plain Truth of where in the world in current times Communism is a ‘factor’; clearly countering the left liberal insidious lies being purported to the USA public and beyond. We see that a ‘reversal’ is at this point in time moot; what is critical is that these Barama Communist beasts must and will be stopped by an action of ouster, again, commencing at the White House……..

  5. Bob says:

    Dr. Noebel, I watched the Agenda documentary a couple of days ago and it was interesting to see information that I have heard and read about for years all brought together in one place. I have been attempting to verify one thing, though, without success, the “world pledge of allegiance” that you spoke of. I have searched for it to no avail. Do you know where this information can be found so that I can confirm its validity? I have even searched Summit Ministries web page , this blog, and the Schwarz Report and didn’t find anything. Thank you, In Christ, Bob

  6. Bob says:

    I watched the Agenda documentary a couple of days ago and it was interesting to see information that I have heard and read about for years all brought together in one place. I have been attempting to verify one thing, though, without success, the “world pledge of allegiance” that was spoken of. I have searched for it to no avail. Do you know where this information can be found so that I can confirm its validity?

    • Bob: It will take me sometime to find the World Pledge quote, but a teacher gave it to me years ago…It was from a grade school in Superior, WIS or Duluth, MN…
      David A. Noebel

      • Bob says:

        That would be great. I have been trying to track it down and haven’t found it anywhere. I have found other pledges, mainly earth day type stuff, and none of those are very promising either. I contacted the film maker and he gave me your web info, so I really do appreciate the help. Thanks Dr Noebel, in Christ Bob Knight

  7. Nicole Lascurain says:

    Hi David,

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    All the best,

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  8. Concerned Student says:

    Let me just say that I’ve read your textbook, Understanding the Times, and watched the videos accompanying them, and I thoroughly disagree with your biased and frankly un-Christian-like worldview and statements.(I say un-Christian because you most definitely wrote in a tone that puts other religions and their worldview below Christianity. Mocking other religions like this is disrespectful and 100% adverse to what “proper” Christians do.) I’m concerned that you have been filling the youth’s minds with utter deceptive and misleading proclamations. While I remain respectful at all times, I’d like to question your motives in those obviously swayed opinions. I also find many inconsistencies in these teachings and if I stand for anything in this world, it is injustices and false truths. I do keep in mind that it is outdated, but even in the 90s-00s this cannot be excused.

    1) Your definition of Feminism in the textbook is completely inaccurate. You state that Feminists are trying to do something along the lines of using oppression to bring down men and that they’re opposed to men. This is not true. The actual definition of Feminism is a doctrine/movement/people group that advocates for equality for everyone. Also, Feminists can be men as well as women and your definition makes it seem otherwise.
    2) “Christian Response to Homosexuality” the comments this textbook and everyone in the program have made towards the LGBTQ+ community don’t put Christians in a good light. Do you think taking digs at queer/trans people is what is going to build up the kingdom of God? It certainly doesn’t seem like something Jesus would want- after all, isn’t the greatest commandment to love? Also, everyone is valid, and stating anything otherwise is a hate crime.
    3) Many of the facts on abortions are inconsistent. You also didn’t touch on the subject of necessary abortions that endanger the life of the mother. In the common scenario of when an egg attaches to the wall of the uterus and begins to grow, it will ultimately rupture all reproductive organs and result in an unpleasant death of both the fetus and the woman. Abortions are necessary in this case to prevent the death of the mother, because the fetus can obviously not survive isolated from the mother anyway. Unlike how you made it seem, abortions are not just a frugal thing a teenager has when she doesn’t feel like taking care of a kid- in many instances it could mean the difference between saving one life or losing two. In addition, outlawing abortion will not put a stop to it. There will always be abortions happening, just the type that is unsafe and hidden from the law. It would result in the same cycle that prohibition did to banning all alcohol; there were still speakeasies and it did not deter the public from having a drink, only made it more daring and attractive.

    This is just a fraction of the inconsistencies i’ve found in your book and I hope no other schools are still using it in the classroom. Quite honestly, I believe that it should be burned in a dumpster for all the help that it provides young minds to grow. Feeding on this garbage is sure to produce close-minded human beings with fetid souls. Also, the graphics are abyssmal and editing horrendous.
    If you’re still alive, I’ll be awaiting your response.

  9. Peggy Powell says:

    Thanking the LORD for David Noebel and his footprint of truth on the youth of this generation.

    Peggy Powell

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