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Go Denmark


“Denmark is a market economy.” Lars Lokke Rasmussen

“Denmark is the second happiest country in the world, just behind Finland.” Brian C. Joondeph

“Denmark is far from a socialist economy.” Joondeph

No Bernie, Denmark is Not a Socialist Utopia

By Brian C. Joondeph, American Thinker, February 24, 2020

Socialist/communist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders loves to sing the praises of a small Scandinavian country, Denmark. It seems he has fallen out of love with his previous favorite countries, the Soviet Union and Cuba, which he “warmly praised” in the late 1980s.

After spurning the USSR, the country he spent his honeymoon in, shirtless, singing along drunkenly with his fellow communist comrades, he has moved on to northern Europe as representing his idea of utopia.

As CNN reported about Bernie’s newfound love,

Open a newspaper on any given day here in this small Europe nation known for high taxes, generous government services and its stubbornly happy citizens, and you’ll almost certainly find a story about the U.S. presidential election.

“I think we should look to countries like Denmark, like Sweden and Norway,” Sanders said, “and learn what they have accomplished for their working people.”

Danes may indeed be happy, but they bristle at being called socialists. Continue reading

The West heads South

“First the humanities, then the social sciences and now even the sciences have been forced to bend to identity politics.” Editorial, The Wall Street Journal

The New York Times has tried to replace 1776 with the 1619 arrival of the first slaves to North America as a racist America’s founding event.” Ibid

“In the case of slavery, what was peculiar about the West was that it’s the first civilization to turn against slavery, beginning in the eighteenth century and that it destroyed slavery around the world beginning in the nineteenth century.” Thomas Sowell, Intellectuals and Society, p. 308

“By and large, for most of history, Europeans enslaved other Europeans, Africans enslaved other Africans and Asians enslaved other Asians.” Ibid., p. 309

The Agony of the Democrats

Bernie Sanders is riding the intellectual currents that the party and its elites have nurtured.

Editorial, The Wall Street Journal, February 15-16, 2020, p. A 14

Sen. Bernie Sanders takes the stage with his spouse Jane O’Meara Sanders during a primary night event in Manchester, NH, Feb. 11.


Bernie Sanders’s victory in New Hampshire on top of his tie in Iowa makes him a favorite for the Democratic presidential nomination. Hard to believe, but in a winnable race against President Trump the opposition may nominate a socialist who wants the government to control energy production and health care, who wants nationwide rent control, and who calls America a “racist society from top to bottom.” No wonder Democrats like James Carville are in agony.

The Vermont revolutionary’s victory portends a long primary battle, unless Democratic voters elevate a single mainstream candidate who can challenge him. Mr. Sanders will get his 25% to 30% primary after primary, racking up delegates on his way to the convention. If other candidates keep dividing the other votes, he will be hard to stop, as Mr. Trump was for Republicans in 2016. Even if a single alternative emerges, Mr. Sanders won’t go down without a ferocious intra-party fight.

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I’m Not a Communist


“Last night on CNN, Bernie Sanders called me [James Carville] a political hack…At least I’m not a communist.” Joe Concha

James Carville fired back at Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) for calling him “a political hack,” calling the self-described democratic socialist “a communist.”
The back and forth follows a week in which Carville has repeatedly sounded the alarm about a potential Sanders match-up against President Trump in November, calling the scenario “the end of days” for the Democratic Party while referring to Sanders supporters as “a cult.”
Sanders returned fire on Wednesday night during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, arguing that “political hack” Carville represents the establishment his campaign is running against.
“James, in all due respect, is a political hack,” Sanders said. “We are taking on Trump, the Republican establishment, Carville and the Democratic establishment. But at the end of the day, the grassroots movement that we are putting together — of young people, of working people, of people of color — want real change.” Continue reading