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The Weinstein Company And Lexus Present Lexus Short Films - Red Carpet“The Harvey Weinstein syndrome was a hot topic for: The Chinese philosopher Confucius; the Greek philosopher Plato; the Jewish rabbis; the early Christians.” James Lewis

Harvey and the Hypocrites

James Lewis,  American Thinker, November 10, 2017

I suppose there’s some kind of poetic justice in seeing Harvey Weinstein looking like a deer in the headlights, frantically jabbering, “That’s not me!  I’m not that guy!”  Your average casual Hollywood rapist.  But we will soon find out that yes, Harvey is that guy, and so are all the others, regardless of sex, race, religion, self-selected gender, voting record, boastful public opinions, media buddies who are now trying to figure out the next scapegoat, or race of his ancestors.  (Or hers, I hasten to say.)

Harvey used to be one of the jackals who joined the baying mob.  Today, he is the target, getting ripped limb from limb.

But today’s Harvey-haters are just as phony and treacherous as he is.

Once upon a time, the P.C. mob took over a wonderful educational system, starting in the celebrated sixties, when the left conducted its secret Long March through the Institutions, both here and in Europe, instigated by one Antonio Gramsci – a communist, naturally, who was probably agitating for the KGB, which wanted Western civilization dead.  Harvey and the rest of the SDS suckers thought that was a great idea, having read that tiny little book by Saul Alinsky, which made it unnecessary to read anything else.  Western civilization was dead, and they spread their toxic ignorance and scapegoating ideology – which is what Marxism is – to all the other moral degenerates, while smoking dope and, later on, graduating to crystal crack and the rest.

They knew that education is just capitalist indoctrination, and they had only to conquer the organs of propaganda.  This is where they are today – Harvey Weinstein and every single other one.  Jesse Jackson was just outed.  The gay power elite is frantically trying to cover up crimes worse than rape.  The core Democrats are all Harvey Weinsteins.

Now, this will come as a big surprise to the kids who skipped history class, or fell asleep, or managed to wrangle a passing grade by writing essays about Saul Alinsky.  (Hillary, are you listening?)  Hillary actually married one of those Harveys, and she’s still enraged by her own terrible choice, which is why she feels entitled to be the president of the United States.

Her female supporters went through almost the same experiences in their lives, and they are still totally convinced that Hillary was entitled, and the fact that Trump won by the rules of the U.S. Constitution is a nefarious plot by Dead White Guys against each and every liberal woman in the land.

Talk to them if you don’t believe me.

It’s all quite relevant to the current headline stories of leftist madness on campuses.  This now includes:

  1. Open and unapologetic racism.  It’s the white guys this week, but Asians know they are next, because they study too hard for their own good.
  2. Open and unapologetic hate-preaching by the left-over sixties professoriate, as its last little gift to the life of the mind.  The sixties were all about love, but then divorce and aging changed love to power and its immediate abuse, including what Jesse Jackson did to that lady “journalist” with the black privilege.
  3. The return of open and unapologetic anti-Semitism, brought to you by freeloading Muslim jihadists using phony passports and claiming to be refugees from Syria.  These were happily allowed into the country and into our “best” universities when formerly decent liberals – including Jews and Christians – were bought off or pressured by big Saudi money, back when John Rockefeller’s oil was still flowing all by itself.  The magic Jinn of the Lamp provided, and the Gulf States celebrated Allah’s blessings without a thought for tomorrow.  Well, tomorrow is here now.
  4. Oh, and I should mention how the left covered up the mass-killing drug epidemics, STD epidemics, and mob madness, all of which killed African-Americans and inner-city Hispanics in places like Chicago, without a word of protest from Barack Hussein Obama.  Can anybody say “Sinaloa”?
  5. The ongoing crash of Western civilization is now openly regretted by Vladimir Putin and his former KGB buds, who understand exactly what is happening and are refusing to let the Typhoid Maries of the West into Mother Russia, because the Russians are not as nuts as we are.  Putin and the rest are now beginning to see that the psychic epidemic they sponsored in the West during the Cold War is going to bite them, too, in a world of global travel and communication.
  6. China is acutely aware of it also, because both Russia and China have seen it all before, and unlike campus snowflakes in the West, they actually read their own history and learn from it.

At some point in his misspent youth, Harvey must have received some sort of education in Western civilization, though we don’t know whether he skipped class or not.  Had he bothered to open a book, Harvey would have found out that the present mass corruption and sexual, drug, and adrenalin addiction aren’t new.

I realize this will be a shock to anybody raised since…oh, 1980.

In fact, the Harvey Weinstein syndrome was a hot topic for:

  1. The Chinese philosopher Confucius.
  2. The Greek philosopher Plato, who wrote a famous dialogue called The Symposium (or Drinking Party) that covers the Harvey Syndrome in detail. (Hint: That’s why Plato called it The Drinking Party, and that’s why Socrates, Hippocrates, and Plato himself thought being a drunk is totally self-destructive, and that Alcibiades suffered from self-destructive sex addiction.)
  3. The Jewish rabbis of the Talmud, who lived during Greco-Roman times, when living it up was widely practiced by people willing to destroy their own lives along with other people.
  4. The early Christians, who spent a lot of time talking to the Roman Stoics (who hated the Harvey lifestyle) and the Jewish rabbis (likewise).
  5. Augustine of Hippo (in North Africa), later known as Saint Augustine, who started as a sex addict and drunk until he mended his ways.
  6. William Shakespeare, who also spent a lot of time in the London pubs drinking good stout and wrote “Henry VIII, Part I” based on that experience, as well as having an intimate acquaintance with the Court of Queen Elizabeth, who also knew about sex addiction and didn’t think it was funny.  She sent the worst cases to the Tower, where they could be conveniently decapitated if they didn’t shape up.
  7. America in the Roaring Twenties (look it up, kids).
  8. Hollywood since the silent flicks.
  9. The U.S. media since they went national.  Today, they are owned by transnational corps, which owe no loyalty to any nation, religion, or creed.  Or moral code, come to think of it.
  10. Oh, yes, and multiple periods of Muslim wealth and power throughout history, like the Ottoman Turks, until Ataturk purged them from power.  This is not to mention the Saudi “princes” – previously considered the sons of roving desert sheikhs – who lived the high life in London, which is why the United Kingdom is still suffering from massive corruption, high-level pedophile rings, and the usual rotten rot.
  11. Oh, and the Persians during the wealthy times under both Farsi and Muslim rulers.
  12. Inner-city Chicago today.
  13. The Mughals in India.
  14. And the Quartet of Evil today: Hollywood, the Democrats, the Big Media, and the left, who are just the same folks under different cover names.

See how much Harvey didn’t get when he fell asleep in class?

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