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Samoset and Squanto

202320_5_-2“Wearing only a loincloth as he walked into the Pilgrims’ camp, Samoset astonished the English onlookers with a hearty ‘Welcome!’ Then speaking surprisingly clear English, he followed his friendly greeting with a request, ‘Have you got any beer?’” Trevor Thomas

“Squanto taught them [the Pilgrims] how to fish for eels and alewives, plant corn and pumpkins, refine maple syrup, trap beavers, hunt deer, and other skills essential to their survival.” Ibid

The First Thanksgiving

Trevor Thomas, American Thinker, November 23, 2017

The Pilgrims (dubbed “Separatists” by the Church of England), and the Puritans who followed them, believed that the America was their spiritual destiny.

Aboard the Mayflower were 102 passengers, fewer than half of whom were of Pastor John Robinson’s Separatist flock. On November 11, 1620, after a grueling two-month voyage, they dropped anchor at Cape Cod, and heeding the advice and wisdom of their pastor, the Pilgrims drafted a compact that would embody the same principles of government upon which American democracy would rest. It read,

In the name of God, amen. We whose names are under-written…Having undertaken, for the glory of God and advancement of the Christian Faith and honor of our King and country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the northern parts of Virginia, do by these presents solemnly and mutually in the presence of God and one of another, covenant and combine ourselves together into a civil body politic…constitute and frame such just and equal laws, ordinances, acts, constitutions and offices from time to time, as shall be thought most meet and convenient for the general good of the colony…the 11th of November…Anno Domini 1620.

John Carver, who had chartered the Mayflower, was chosen as the first governor of the colony. His was the first signature on the Mayflower Compact. William Bradford would soon replace Carver as governor and would serve in that capacity for 31 years. On December 21, 1620, the Pilgrims settled at what would become known as Plymouth.

Though their efforts were “for the glory of God,” the Pilgrims were not immune to the many hardships of an untamed America. Before long, many started dying. William Bradford’s wife Dorothy was among the casualties as she fell overboard and drowned. (Initially, while dwellings were being built, the Pilgrims lived mostly aboard the Mayflower.) Due in part to a brutal winter, dozens would die in those first few months, including 13 of 18 wives. In spite of hardships, the Pilgrims were undeterred and drew ever closer to God. Continue reading

Lessons of History

The Weinstein Company And Lexus Present Lexus Short Films - Red Carpet“The Harvey Weinstein syndrome was a hot topic for: The Chinese philosopher Confucius; the Greek philosopher Plato; the Jewish rabbis; the early Christians.” James Lewis

Harvey and the Hypocrites

James Lewis,  American Thinker, November 10, 2017

I suppose there’s some kind of poetic justice in seeing Harvey Weinstein looking like a deer in the headlights, frantically jabbering, “That’s not me!  I’m not that guy!”  Your average casual Hollywood rapist.  But we will soon find out that yes, Harvey is that guy, and so are all the others, regardless of sex, race, religion, self-selected gender, voting record, boastful public opinions, media buddies who are now trying to figure out the next scapegoat, or race of his ancestors.  (Or hers, I hasten to say.)

Harvey used to be one of the jackals who joined the baying mob.  Today, he is the target, getting ripped limb from limb.

But today’s Harvey-haters are just as phony and treacherous as he is.

Once upon a time, the P.C. mob took over a wonderful educational system, starting in the celebrated sixties, when the left conducted its secret Long March through the Institutions, both here and in Europe, instigated by one Antonio Gramsci – a communist, naturally, who was probably agitating for the KGB, which wanted Western civilization dead.  Harvey and the rest of the SDS suckers thought that was a great idea, having read that tiny little book by Saul Alinsky, which made it unnecessary to read anything else.  Western civilization was dead, and they spread their toxic ignorance and scapegoating ideology – which is what Marxism is – to all the other moral degenerates, while smoking dope and, later on, graduating to crystal crack and the rest.

They knew that education is just capitalist indoctrination, and they had only to conquer the organs of propaganda.  This is where they are today – Harvey Weinstein and every single other one.  Jesse Jackson was just outed.  The gay power elite is frantically trying to cover up crimes worse than rape.  The core Democrats are all Harvey Weinsteins. Continue reading


OB-KZ660_wilder_D_20101123173615“Attacks on Thanksgiving come largely from the academy. At Barnard College in New York City in 2013, the student government sent out an email before the holiday break urging students ‘to not forget that this holiday commemorates genocide and American imperialism.’” Melanie Kirkpatrick, The Wall Street Journal, November 22, 2017, p. A 17

“The essence of the holiday, however, is unlikely to change. Families and friends will continue to gather, the turkey will take pride of place on the dinner table, and the generous spirit of the American people will ensure that the poor, sick, imprisoned and lonely will be included in the celebration.” Ibid

The Desolate Wilderness

A chronicle of the Pilgrims’ arrival at Plymouth, as recorded by Nathaniel Morton.

 Editorial, Wall Street Journal, November 22, 2017, p. A 16

Here beginneth the chronicle of those memorable circumstances of the year 1620, as recorded by Nathaniel Morton, keeper of the records of Plymouth Colony, based on the account of William Bradford, sometime governor thereof:

So they left that goodly and pleasant city of Leyden, which had been their resting-place for above eleven years, but they knew that they were pilgrims and strangers here below, and looked not much on these things, but lifted up their eyes to Heaven, their dearest country, where God hath prepared for them a city (Heb. XI, 16), and therein quieted their spirits. Continue reading