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Rethink Thinking

stuffyoushouldknow-podcasts-wp-content-uploads-sites-16-2014-11-enlightenment-600x350“The road to individuality began with Jesus Christ but the long and winding road to modern times reveals decadence and hedonism as the inevitable dark side as ‘reason’ has thrown the baby out with the bathwater by promoting freedom without restraint and limitations while ignoring the voluntary acceptance of Christian values.” Tim Jones

“The Enlightenment secularized reason with no moral strings attached making it morally neutral.” Ibid

“In today’s world…morally neutral and secularized reason is winning.” Ibid

“The American government is more than happy to see pot use, gay marriage, and abortion legalized as Americans slide into the mindless pursuit of pleasure and instant gratification.” Ibid

“Instead, their thinking became nonsense, and their senseless minds were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools.” Romans 1:21, 22

Modernity and the Secularization of Reason

Tim Jones, American Thinker, July 30, 2017

Christ revolutionized the world by introducing the concept of the dignity of every person no matter where they stood in societal order. This led to the eventual creation of individual identity that culminated during the Enlightenment with Descartes’ famous assertion “I think, therefore I am.” In the process, reason unfortunately became detached from religious morality, which has led to the self-centeredness, solipsism, and narcissism we have today. Capitalism, with all of its successes, exacerbates these problems because there is little morality attached to its foundation in reason other than the force of law. This invited the state to intervene in order to act as arbiter, and in so doing gets to impose its own morality, one that will always suit its own purposes, which is the expansion and consolidation of its power. And this is how we got the authoritarianism and soft tyranny of today.

So walking it back again, the road to individuality began with Jesus Christ but the long and winding road to modern times reveals decadence and hedonism as the inevitable dark side as “reason” has thrown the baby out with the bathwater by promoting freedom without restraint and limitations while ignoring the voluntary acceptance of Christian values.  Continue reading

Stinking up Western Civ

170706101128-06-trump-abroad-0706-super-169“We must organize the intellectuals and use them to make Western civilization stink.” Willi Munzenberg

“One of the things intellectuals have been doing for a long time is loosening the bonds that hold a society together.” Thomas Sowell, Intellectuals and Society, p. 303

“Ties of family, religion, and patriotism, for example, have long been treated as suspect or detrimental by the intelligentsia, and new ties that intellectuals have created, such as class—and more recently ‘gender’—have been projected as either more real or more important.” Ibid

Some New Thoughts on Donald Trump’s Warsaw Speech

John Dietrich, American Thinker, July 19, 2017

Donald Trump’s Warsaw speech has reignited a controversy about the superiority of Western civilization.  He is being excoriated for dog whistling a variety of taboo assertions.  The Atlantic accuses him of racial and religious paranoia.  The New Republic claimed the speech was an appeal to the International Brotherhood of White Grievance.  His main offence was to declare that Western civilization is superior to others and that it is under attack.  Educated people have been taught that all societies are equal and to claim otherwise is racist.  This fact is codified in United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  It asserts, “all doctrines, policies and practices based on or advocating superiority of peoples or individuals on the basis of national origin or racial, religious, ethnic or cultural differences are racist, scientifically false, legally invalid, morally condemnable and socially unjust.”  Therefore Mogadishu is equal to Malmö.

Trump’s position is similar to Italy’s Silvio Belusconi who commented shortly after the 9/11 attack: “We should be confident of the superiority of our civilization, which consists of a value system that has given people widespread prosperity in those countries that embrace it, and guarantees respect for human rights and religion.  This respect certainly does not exist in Islamic countries.”  Belusconi was immediately set upon by the pack of independent minds. The Belgian Prime Minister, Guy Verhofstadt responded, “I can hardly believe Mr. Berlusconi made such remarks because the EU is based on values such as multiculturalism and the meeting of different civilizations.”  The head of Italian Jewish organizations, Amos Luzzatto, told the newspaper La Repubblica, ”In my opinion, one can not speak of the superiority of one culture over another.”  Belusconi received so much criticism that he felt it necessary to apologize.  It was a demonstration of the power of the charge of racism. Continue reading

Pro Life Explained

“The June 19, 2017 issue of Current Biology unveiled a new study about the eyes and brains of unborn babies that should ratchet up the pressure on those committed to aborting a million of them each year.” Marvin Olasky

The bigger news

Let’s not get so absorbed in D.C. that we ignore life and death outside hearing rooms

The bigger news

As Washington newshounds wondered whether the Trump administration will crash, the June 19 issue of Current Biology unveiled a new study about the eyes and brains of unborn babies that should ratchet up the pressure on those committed to aborting a million of them each year.

Let’s back up a moment to explain. Charles Darwin wrote in 1859 as if cells were stackable blocks of wood rather than the intricate factories we now know they are. The Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 was the great-great-grandson of On the Origin of Species: It disregarded the origin of babies and decreed it legal in every state to treat unborn children as if they were Lego blocks.

Doctors then knew, and through ultrasounds we now all know, what Psalm 139 teaches: In our mothers’ wombs we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Christians should never be anti-science: That’s especially true now, as science affirms Biblical truth in so many ways. Steve Meyer notes in Signature in the Cell and Darwin’s Doubt that discoveries are dooming Darwinism. Other studies—unborn babies moving their lips to sounds they hear, and choosing to watch lights that look like faces—should doom abortion lobby attempts to dehumanize them.

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