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USA Sells Out Family

“The Obama administration has gone ahead and placed them [sodomy and same-sex marriage] at the center of U. S. diplomacy.” Robert R. Reilly, Making Gay Okay, p. 195

“Mr. Obama said that ‘the struggle to end discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons is a global challenge, and one that is central to the United States commitment to promoting human rights.’” Ibid

“This is now one of the depraved purposes of US foreign policy.” Ibid, p. 205

“In an underreported development at the United Nations, advocates of the traditional role of the family, ‘the natural and fundamental group unit of society,’ scored a quiet victory last month…the United States voted no.” National Review, August 10, 2015, p. 12

The U.S. faulted the pro-family resolution for failing to celebrate “the diversity of families.” China, Russia, India voted pro-family as did all Muslim countries. Go figure!

National Review, August 10, 2015, p. 1

In an underreported development at the United Nations, advocates of the traditional role of the family, “the natural and fundamental group unit of society,” scored a quiet victory last month. The Human Rights Council, meeting in Geneva, adopted “Protection of the Family,” a 3,000-word resolution that includes among other refreshing assertions of common sense, the statement that “the family has the primary responsibility for the nurturing and protections of children.” The vote was 29-14, with four abstentions. The yeas were largely from developing nations, many of them African, many Muslim; China, Russia, and India voted with them. Japan, Korea, South Africa, the United Kingdom, other European nations, and the United States voted no. In a joint statement issued by the delegations from the U.S., Canada, and Australia, the resolution was faulted for failing to celebrate “the diversity of families,” The American Left believes that socially conservative values are incompatible with liberal democracy. American social conservatives know that such values are its prerequisite. In the culture war here at home, they have their work cut out for them.

We Love Mrs. Hawkins, too!

“I ain’t easy to deal with, but my children know I love them and care about them.” Mrs. Hawkins

“[Mrs. Hawkins] was not a favorite of child advocates on the left, so she often went unnoticed by all except the children she saved.” Marvin Olasky

Children of hers

POVERTY | The unsung legacy of an anti-poverty warrior

olasky_76I often edit better and occasionally think better by keeping a particular person in mind.

For years in editing WORLD one of our readers, a 50-year-old dentist, appeared to me: Smart and busy, thoughtful but not academic, he wanted to think Christianly and valued a magazine that helped him to do so without wasting his time.

For years in evaluating poverty-fighting groups, I thought about heroic Hannah Hawkins, the widow of a husband murdered in 1970. For 30 years, from 1985 until the last few months, she ran Children of Mine Youth Center, an after-school program for 50-100 kids in Anacostia, the part of Washington, D.C., that tourist guides ignore.

During visits over the past two decades she taught me to look beneath the surface of glowing programs. On one visit she had just come back from a government-sponsored meeting about Southeast Washington revitalization. She fumed, “The beautiful people were there, looking for money. Just like the War on Poverty, money went into the pockets of the greedy. These folks are ready to clean up—unless stuff gets funky. Then they call me in to be the cleanup person.”  Continue reading

Radical Feminism

“When women go wrong men go right after them.” Mae West

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy; its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” Winston Churchill

“How do we destroy monogamy?…By promoting promiscuity, eroticism, prostitution and homosexuality.” Mallory Millett

MILLETT: Marxist Feminism’s Ruined Lives

Mallory Millett, Truth, September 4, 2014

“When women go wrong men go right after them.”
– Mae West

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy; its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”  Winston Churchill wrote this over a century ago.

During my junior year in high school, the nuns asked about our plans for after we graduated. When I said I was going to attend State University, I noticed their disappointment.  I asked my favorite nun, “Why?” She answered, “That means you’ll leave four years later a communist and an atheist!”

What a giggle we girls had over that. “How ridiculously unsophisticated these nuns are,” we thought. Then I went to the university and four years later walked out a communist and an atheist, just as my sister Katie had six years before me.

Sometime later, I was a young divorcee with a small child. At the urging of my sister, I relocated to NYC after spending years married to an American executive stationed in Southeast Asia. The marriage over, I was making a new life for my daughter and me.  Katie said, “Come to New York.  We’re making revolution! Some of us are starting the National Organization of Women and you can be part of it.”

I hadn’t seen her for years.  Although she had tormented me when we were youngsters, those memories were faint after my Asian traumas and the break-up of my marriage.  I foolishly mistook her for sanctuary in a storm. With so much time and distance between us, I had forgotten her emotional instability.

And so began my period as an unwitting witness to history. I stayed with Kate and her lovable Japanese husband, Fumio, in a dilapidated loft on The Bowery as she finished her first book, a PhD thesis for Columbia University, “Sexual Politics.”

It was 1969. Kate invited me to join her for a gathering at the home of her friend, Lila Karp. They called the assemblage a “consciousness-raising-group,” a typical communist exercise, something practiced in Maoist China.  We gathered at a large table as the chairperson opened the meeting with a back-and-forth recitation, like a Litany, a type of prayer done in Catholic Church. But now it was Marxism, the Church of the Left, mimicking religious practice:

“Why are we here today?” she asked.
“To make revolution,” they answered.
“What kind of revolution?” she replied.
“The Cultural Revolution,” they chanted.
“And how do we make Cultural Revolution?” she demanded.
“By destroying the American family!” they answered.
“How do we destroy the family?” she came back.
“By destroying the American Patriarch,” they cried exuberantly.
“And how do we destroy the American Patriarch?” she replied.
“By taking away his power!”
“How do we do that?”
“By destroying monogamy!” they shouted.
“How can we destroy monogamy?”

Their answer left me dumbstruck, breathless, disbelieving my ears.  Was I on planet earth?  Who were these people?

“By promoting promiscuity, eroticism, prostitution and homosexuality!” they resounded.

They proceeded with a long discussion on how to advance these goals by establishing The National Organization of Women.  It was clear they desired nothing less than the utter deconstruction of Western society. The upshot was that the only way to do this was “to invade every American institution.  Every one must be permeated with ‘The Revolution’”: The media, the educational system, universities, high schools, K-12, school boards, etc.; then, the judiciary, the legislatures, the executive branches and even the library system.

It fell on my ears as a ludicrous scheme, as if they were a band of highly imaginative children planning a Brinks robbery; a lark trumped up on a snowy night amongst a group of spoiled brats over booze and hashish.

To me, this sounded silly.  I was enduring culture shock after having been cut-off from my homeland, living in Third-World countries for years with not one trip back to the United States. I was one of those people who, upon returning to American soil, fell out of the plane blubbering with ecstasy at being home in the USA. I knelt on the ground covering it with kisses.  I had learned just exactly how delicious was the land of my birth and didn’t care what anyone thought because they just hadn’t seen what I had or been where I had been.  I had seen factory workers and sex-slaves chained to walls. Continue reading