Slouching toward Gomorrah

LOG.v20-39.2015-06-22.Arkes_.Newscom“Religions that reject, in their moral teaching, homosexual acts and same-sex marriage will indeed be marked, in their defining character, as groups no longer ‘in accord with public policy.’” Hadley Arkes

“Only two things will be required…to deny tax exemptions to churches and religious schools that do not accord with the new orthodoxy on marriage and sexuality: (1) the orchestration of a campaign of complaints directed to the IRS and (2) an IRS sufficiently complaisant to churn out the decision that the administration and its allies so evidently want.” Ibid

Editor’s note: Back in 1977 I wrote The Homosexual Revolution that depicts, describes, and predicts nearly everything that is happening today. Even then, however, I did not see the movement for same-sex marriage. Hence, as Ryan Anderson notes in his upcoming work The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom, homosexual activists “intend to cast supporters of traditional marriage once and for all as bigots who won’t be allowed to make their case in the public square.”

The Specter of the Bob Jones Case


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