Higher Education?

imagesDartmouth College has suspended most of the 64 students it has accused of cheating in a class on sports ethics. Attended mostly by varsity athletes, ‘Sports, Ethics, and Religion’ had the largest enrollment, 272, of any course at the college last semester. The class’s lessons don’t seem to be taking.” National Review, February 9, 2015, p. 12

“Mount Holyoke College is for women only, but they’re not super strict about the gender thing. According to official guidelines, you don’t need to have the usual anatomical features to be considered female; a student can apply for admission if he or she is ‘biologically born male; identifies as woman’ or even ‘biologically born male; identifies as other/they/ze and when ‘other/they’ identity includes woman.’ So basically, if you’ve ever thought about getting a mani-pedi, you’re in. This protranssexual policy is intended to make Mount Holyoke hospitable to all women, no matter how tenuous their gender identity, and now it has resulted in the additional benefit of getting The Vagina Monologues removed from campus.” Ibid

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