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Christmas & Atheism

“In years past, atheists have put up billboards in places like New York City to discourage people from attending church at Christmas time (or any time, for that matter). Now they’re bringing their campaign to the Bible belt.” Jerry Newcombe

In years past, atheists have put up billboards in places like New York City to discourage people from attending church at Christmas time (or any time, for that matter). Now they’re bring their campaign to the Bible belt.

A report from their own source (, 12/1, 2014 years after the reported birth of Jesus) notes: “The billboards feature a young girl writing a letter to Santa; her letter reads, ‘Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is to skip church! I’m too old for fairy tales.’ The billboards are located in Memphis; Nashville, St. Louis; and Ft. Smith, Arkansas.”

Of course, the premise of this whole campaign is that Christianity is supposedly a “fairy tale.” But, in fact, Jesus is “the Truth.” Here I’ll focus only on prophecies fulfilled by Jesus. Only God knows the future. Only God could have written the Bible.

I teach an adult Sunday school class of about 60 or so in a Presbyterian church in South Florida. Months before the beginning of the new year (2014), I asked my class to take a moment and write down one prediction for the new year. I also wrote down my own “prophecy.”

These were not to be fortune cookie type statements, such as “You will soon meet somebody interesting.” Instead, these were to be some sort of prediction of the future. In our class, how many of us made a correct prediction? There was none—no, not one. (You try it sometime.)

Yet in the Scriptures, we can see some 350 prophecies foretelling the coming of Jesus—including His ancestors, His place of birth, His ministry, His death, and His resurrection.

One could argue that He fulfilled some of His prophecies on His own. (This is the essence of the skeptical book,The Passover Plot). But try choosing your own parents. As to His horrible death, David wrote 1000 BC, “they have pierced my hands and my feet.” That was a few hundred years before the Syro-Phonecians invented crucifixion. The Romans later perfected it.

Christ is not the last name of Jesus, but His title. It comes from the Greek word, “Christos,” from the Hebrew word, “Meshiach,” (Messiah). The English translation is: “Anointed One.”

Jesus is the Anointed One described in Psalm 2, where it says that the kings of this world declare war against the Lord and against His Anointed One. (Even the war on Christmas was foretold.)

The Old Testament was written between c.1400-c.400 BC, and it gives us a picture of Jesus from the Hebrew prophets.

Consider just a few facts—of Christ in the Old Testament:

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Rubio on Cuba

“The opportunity for Cuba to normalize relations with the U.S. has always been there, but the Castro regime has never been interested in changing its ways. Now, thanks to President Obama’s concessions, the [Communist] regime in Cuba won’t have to change.” Marco Rubio

A Victory for Oppression

President Obama’s policy is bad news for the Cuban people living under a dictatorship, and it sends a dangerous message to the world.

Marco Rubio, The Wall Street Journal, December 18, 2014, p. A 19

Breaking news airs in a Cuban-American coffee shop in Union City, N.J., Dec. 17.

The announcement by President Obama on Wednesday giving the Castro regime diplomatic legitimacy and access to American dollars isn’t just bad for the oppressed Cuban people, or for the millions who live in exile and lost everything at the hands of the dictatorship. Mr. Obama’s new Cuba policy is a victory for oppressive governments the world over and will have real, negative consequences for the American people.

Since the U.S. severed diplomatic relations in 1961, the Castro family has controlled the country and the economy with an iron fist that punishes Cubans who speak out in opposition and demand a better future. Under the Castros, Cuba has also been a central figure in terrorism, narco-trafficking and all manner of misery and mayhem in our hemisphere.

As a result, it has been the policy and law of the U.S. to make clear that re-establishing diplomatic and economic relations with Cuba is possible—but only once the Cuban government stops jailing political opponents, protects free speech, and allows independent political parties to be formed and to participate in free and fair elections. Continue reading

BioLogos and Evolution

Biologos_foundation_logo_with_dove“Just a five-minute stroll from the campus of Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Mich., sits the brown brick building that is home since last year to BioLogos, a foundation pushing churches and believers to embrace evolution, and in the process change how they read the Bible.

“BioLogos offers grants to church, parachurch, and academic leaders and organizations that promote ‘evolutionary creation.’

“The BioLogos website states, ‘Genetic evidence shows that humans descended from a group of several thousand individuals who lived about 150,000 years ago.’

“BioLogos president Deb Haarsma, former chair of Calvin’s physics and astronomy department, says churches that support evolution will be more effective witnesses in a culture that reveres science, and will help college students avoid a crisis of faith when biology professors argue for evolution.

“Evolution appeals to every part of me except my reason. I believe it no longer.” C. S. Lewis, Christian Reflections, “The Funeral of a Great Myth.”

“Evolution itself is accepted by zoologists not because it has been observed to occur or…can be proved by logically coherent evidence to be true, but because the only alternative, special creation, is clearly incredible.” Prof. D.M.S. Watson (University College, London 1921-1951) per C.S. Lewis, The Weight of Glory, “Is Theology Poetry.” Continue reading