Allah at Yale

“Ayaan Hirsi Ali insisted that there are not, as some suggest, ‘many Islams’—but there are several sets of Muslims: The first group are radicals who want to force the entire world into Islam by eradicating everything else. The second group, the vast majority are in a ‘state of cognitive dissonance’—torn between the strict teachings of the first group and their own consciences, which revolt at the terrorists’ behavior. The third group, perhaps the smallest, are reforming Muslims, who suggest, for example, that mosque and state should be separate. Members of the third group are excommunicated, exiled, threatened, murdered.” Daniel Gelernter

Allah and Woman at Yale


One thought on “Allah at Yale

  1. Allen Unruh says:

    There are about 1.2 billion Muslims. About 15-25% are well known to be radicalized. That means about 300 million. How many are in our country. How many mosque’s educate radical muslims? Why is our homeland security avoiding any scrutiny of these mosques? Why did an Iman give the eulogy for the navy seals of seal team 6 that were shot down in a 1960 helicopter without fire power and rules of engagement not allowing them to attack the enemy? He said “Death to the great satan” and declared victory.

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