USA Bankrupt

“The country is in worse fiscal shape…than Detroit.  So, the country is essentially bankrupt.”  Laurence Kotlikoff

America in Worse Fiscal Shape

Greg Hunter,, December 6, 2013 

Boston University Economics Professor, Laurence Kotlikoff, says, “The country is in worse fiscal shape by many miles than Detroit.  So, the country is essentially bankrupt.”  Dr. Kotlikoff estimates the long term debt and liabilities of America are more than $200 trillion!  He is spearheading a bill in Congress called The Inform Act.  It is an attempt to wake up the nation to our dire financial situation so something can be done to fix this enormous problem.  Dr. Kotlikoff explains, “The bill has been endorsed by over 1,000 economists, including 15 Nobel Prize winners in economics . . .Never in the history of this country have this many top economists from all political persuasions endorsed a piece of legislation like this.”  Dr. Kotlikoff and his fellow economists all contend, “The country needs to do honest accounting.”  The professor charges the government is “disguising the true problem.”   Dr. Kotlikoff says, “The government is printing mountains of money to pay its bills.  The Fed is printing 29 cents of every dollar that Uncle Sam is spending.”  What happens if this continues?  Dr. Kotlikoff says, “Eventually somebody recognizes this and starts dumping the bonds, and interest rates go up, and inflation takes off, and were off to the races.”  In closing, Dr. Kotlikoff warns, “This is going to crash, but there are different ways for cancer to kill you.  It can be very gradual . . . or it can attack some organ and you can die overnight.  Either of those outcomes can happen.”   Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Professor Laurence Kotlikoff.

Professor Kotlikoff and, indeed, virtually the entire economics profession, are appealing for your help to get your members of Congress, starting with your Senators, to pass this vital law.


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