Revolt of the Masses

“Government dependability is continuing to rise, with a record breaking number of Americans enrolled to receive food stamps.  The latest USDA report showshomeless-reuters that 47.8 million Americans which make up 15 percent of the country are receiving the benefits..” RTUSA, March 11, 2013

“My thesis, therefore, is this: the very perfection with which the 19th century gave an organization to certain orders of existence has caused the masses benefited thereby to consider it, not as an organized, but as a natural system.  Thus is explained and defined the absurd state of mind revealed by these masses; they are only concerned with their own well-being.  As they do not see behind the benefits of civilization, marvels of inventions and construction which can only be maintained by great effort and foresight, they imagine that their role is limited to demanding these benefits [ stamps, cell phones etc.]  peremptorily, as if they were natural rights.

“In the disturbances caused by scarcity of food, the mob goes in search of bread, and the means it employs is generally to wreck the bakeries.  This may serve as a symbol of the attitude adopted, on a greater and more complicated scale, by the masses of today toward the civilization by which they are supported.”  Jose Ortega y Gasset, The Revolt of the Masses (1929) per The Wall Street Journal, August 24, 2013, p. A 9


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