The Pentagon’s New War

“The [Obama] administration continues to tie itself in knots to avoid offending Muslims, but offers no such courtesy to Christians.

“The Pentagon recruited [atheist] Michael I. Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, to shape the military’s policies on religious tolerance.” The Washington Times, May 6, 2013, p. 34

EDITORIAL, The Washington Times, May 6, 2013, p. 34

The administration continues to tie itself in knots to avoid offending Muslims, but offers no such courtesy to Christians. The latest example of official intolerance isb3-kuhner-ah_s160x299 the blocking of access on military bases to the Southern Baptists’ website because it contains “hostile content.”

The Department of Defense says this was a mistake and that overzealous Web filtering software was to blame, not the relatively conservative Baptist views on abortion and homosexual marriage. The department’s pattern of abuse over the past few years suggests otherwise. The poor computer gets blamed for everything.

The Pentagon recruited Michael L. Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, to shape the military’s policies on religious tolerance. Mr. Weinstein gives extremism a bad name, demonstrating what he means by tolerance by persuading the military to disinvite distinguished Christian clergymen such as Franklin Graham, the son of the famous evangelist, from participating in a national day of prayer for the troops. “Franklin Graham is an Islamophobe,” writes Mr. Weinstein, “an anti-Muslim bigot and an international representative of the scourge of fundamentalist Christian supremacy and exceptionalism.” Mr. Weinstein sued to cancel the day of prayer in 2010.

Christian prayer is bad; Muslim events are OK. Last July, Leon E. Panetta, then the secretary of defense, was the featured guest at the Pentagon’s annual iftar dinner during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. But the Roman Catholics are insulted like the Baptists. An Army Reserve training brief listed “Catholicism” and “Evangelical Christianity” with the Ku Klux Klan and al Qaeda as examples of “religious extremism.” The Pentagon, dogged by mistakes, brushed this off as an “isolated occurrence,” but the Archdiocese for Military Services asked the Department of Defense “to review these materials and to ensure that taxpayer funds are never again used to present blatantly anti-religious material to the men and women in uniform.”

There are other examples of Pentagon intolerance of Christianity: crosses taken from a chapel in Afghanistan and a Pentagon war game that identified Christian groups as an enemy. Two years ago, Col. C.W. Callahan, the chief of staff of Walter Reed Hospital, set guidelines for visits to patients that prohibited the distribution of Bibles to the wounded. After protests the Bible ban was lifted. The Army even ordered soldiers to use a steel-wire brush to erase tiny Bible verses encoded into the serial numbers of Trijicon rifle scopes issued to troops. One says “2COR4:6” — referring to a biblical passage that says “Let light shine out of darkness” — in letters so tiny it would offend only a soldier who packs a magnifying glass in his rucksack.

We’ve come a long way from the more tolerant days of World War II. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill once joined sailors on the deck of the USS Augusta to lustily sing all the verses of “Onward Christian Soldiers,” and Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower sent his troops to the Normandy beaches with the message, “Let us beseech the blessing of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking.”

Congress should open an inquiry into these “isolated” incidents that have become a habit under President Obama. The administration must understand that religious freedom doesn’t require the elimination of the faith of our fathers — and the faith of the men and women who defend America.

The Washington Times



3 thoughts on “The Pentagon’s New War

  1. Dr.Deepak Das says:

    Sir,I am a Bengali Hindu from India.I wonder that you have published on article citing examples of Islamic terrorism on Humanity.But you have failed to recognize the Hindu holocaust which caused more than 600 millions of Hindu’s life over 1300 years by the Muslim barbarians.If you include those horrific facts of Islamic brutalities on innocent Hindus,I think your account will be complete and it will be enriched by impartial judgement.Today,not only Jews and Christians are suffering but Hindus ,Buddhists,Sikhs and Jain are also suffering this Islamic terrorism.This deadly cult,totalitarian Arab Imperialism will destroy the whole world if not stopped at proper time.Now is the time when the West i.e.,America, Israel and Europe have been afflicted by the sizzling flame of the Unholy alliance between Muslim-Marxists.We should fight together to finish this ideology which will destroy the whole world eventually.The M-M combination is more deadly and dangerous than Nazis for human existence.

  2. Dr. Deepak:

    If you could forward me any outstanding dates of the slaughter, I’ll include them. Very interesting reply! I’m interested to know how you came across my blog.

    – David Noebel

    • Dr.Deepak Das says:

      Dear David,
      Dear Sir,
      How are you?I have not heard for a long time from your side.By the bye,I am a petty teacher in a medical college.My resourses are limited.But I also share with you the same view about the global threat now people are experiencing.We the Hindus over 1200 years have suffered and still suffering [even today] the slavery and savagery of alien forces in our own country.We are uprooted and driven out from our own land. Our enemies are many.I wonder why people are not revolting.I have a few questions.Sir,you have plenty of resources and you are in a position to answer me logically.If you reply,I shall be grateful to you.
      1.Why people[In all countries ]are not revolting?What are the reasons behind?
      2.What are the ways to make people aware of the imminent danger ahead?
      3.The politicians come to power getting votes from the common people.Why not these legislative bodies take drastic action?
      4.The media men are well educated and literate but they are purchased by money ,power and postion and feed us with scoop news.Are they afaraid to expose the right?Or lured to fabricate the wrong?
      5.In poor countries,the mass media is lacking and people are not aware of the truth.But what’s about the educated people of the West,where Internet,TV etc. are there but BNP or EDL like organization or Leader like Geert Wilders are sidelined and rather gagged.What’s the reason?How we can overcome these obstacles?
      6.The totalitarian Ideologies[like Islam and Communism]are so much powerful in the third world countries[poverty stricken],that one fourth people in those countries, though aware of the danger,can’t come out to revolt against the false belief.Is there anyway out to reverse the situation?
      7.To me,the MPs+Mass media are the main culprits in all the countries,whether its India or America,Austraia,Britain or Canada. Everywhere,these dangerous duo are the mischief makers.Should we not learn lessons from Japan?
      8.How to infuse patriotism and nationalism?Again the main problem is to reach to the people.The door is closed.There is a great blockade,made by the vested interests.They won’t allow you to reach to the people.Their coercive forces will break all your morale.And you are leaderlss and crippled.In such situation what are the ways out?Do we take inspirational lessons from Israel?Can an individual like me, make a single-man-army to fight against these odds?Is there any organization who can teach and train such people?
      Sir,I am from India.I think,Hinduism can set examples of harmonious living in this strife-torn world.Al other countries have been forced to embrace Islam within a couple of decades by its brute force except India which sustained the atrocities for more than a millenium but still surviving.The power of tolerance now is perhaps going to end and India will be either Islamized or Christianized soon and broken into pieces to accommodate them.Pakistan and Afghanistan were Hindu Kingdoms.After taken over by the Muslims,it became the epicentres of global terrorism,so formidable that world super powers like Russia and America failed to cow them down.I think the NATO force,consists of many Western countries.All failed before few Jihadists with simple arms and ammunition.What’s the reason?To me it’s the unique power of a totaitarian ideology!Is there anyway out to expose the real Truth about this Ideology?
      Sir,I am keen to know from you the possiblities and if there is any solution to this great menace the whole world is now posed to!
      Hope to receive an encouraging reply from your side.Nice to hear that Kevin Rudd againhas been reinstituted.That’s a little ray of hope before the Australian.May God bestow him with proper guidance and blessings!
      With kind regards,
      PS:What’s your email?can I directly correspond with you?

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