The Antarctic – Gaining 2.1 trillion tons/yr

“Using a new technique, a recently published study indicated that the estimated temperatures from Antarctic ice cores are more in parallel with estimated CO2images concentrations that prior research had indicated with changes in temperature leading changes in temperature by about 800 years plus or minus several hundred years.

“Dr. S. Fred Singer [Emeritus Professor, U. of Virginia; President of Science & Environmental Policy Project] suggested three questions for staffers to ask global warming/climate change/extreme weather event advocates.

“One, please explain to me why there has been no warming for more than a decade, even though atmospheric carbon dioxide continues to rise.  The question was supported by graphic evidence.  The follow-up was a quote from Phil Jones of Had CRU admitting there has been no statistically significant surface warming for at least 15 years.

“The second question was: Can you explain why the Antarctic has been getting colder and GAINING ice? (2.1 trillion tons/yr for the past 150 yrs)?  The scientific articles supporting the question were cited.

“And the third question was:  Could the Sun (or cosmic rays) be responsible for the major warming of 20th century?  A graph by E. Friis-Christensen and K. Lassen, published in Science, shows a strong relationship between the temperature anomaly (departure from the normal) and the sunspot cycle length while the relationship between temperature anomaly and CO2 concentration is much weaker.  The follow-up is an admission by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPSS) appearing in the Second Order Draft of the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) that cosmic ray changes can affect earth’s clouds and climate.” Ken Haapala, Science & Environmental Policy Project, (see March 2, 2013


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