Muslim Women in the U.S. – Report From A North VA Republican Woman’s Club Meeting

A First-Hand Report, 2-20-13  (Author Withheld)

Below is a story that happened just last evening in N VA at a meeting which I attended. I thought you might like to know about my personal observations and this VFRWeyewitness account of that meeting.

Last night a Republican Woman’s Club meeting took place in N VA. To the members it was advertised that one of the speakers would be talking about women when they must live under sharia.

A person who presented herself as a “grandmother” to the press found out about the meeting and complained to, I think, the Washington Post. This “grandmother” proceeded to try to get Fairfax County Schools to forbid the Republican Woman’s club (RWC) from holding the event at the public school where they regularly meet. The newspaper did not print most of the statement released by the RWC. It turns out the “grandmother” works for CAIR (a Muslim Brotherhood front group), and her husband is one of the unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation Trial; the largest terrorism finance trial in our nation’s history. The defendants in this trial were found guilty.

The CAIR supported woman’s complaint to the Fairfax County Public Schools to “stop” the RWC meeting claimed that it is “hatred to present facts about women who live under sharia.” The decision whether to allow the RWC to meet in the school was decided by the Superintendent of the Fairfax County Schools, who decided RWC could meet as planned. Freedom of speech in this case was upheld.

Approximately 30 Muslim women in hijabs attended the meeting. Muslim women attempted to shut down the meeting with outbursts, disruptions and talking over the speaker. The President of the RWC explained steadfastly that in America we have freedom of speech and are able to discuss issues in the public square; that those creating the commotion had to be quiet or leave. Certain Muslim women would not comply, and remained boisterous. Finally, one of their “sisters,” who was sitting alone, got up and appealed to them all to, at least, listen. Some then tried to audio and video tape the meeting, which they had been told no attendee could do. This created another major disruption. They were told if they could not be polite, listen and abide by the rules, they would be ushered out. One left who had been taping. Most of the rest stayed and became quiet. One Muslim man was present in his U.S. Army uniform. Another Caucasian Muslim husband, who was reportedly an imam, was in full garb.

The presentation gave verses from the Koran and other authoritative Muslim books within its trilogy for doctrine. Some pictures were shown of how women are allowed to be treated under sharia and under Muslim doctrine. When pictures of Muslim women who had been badly beaten by husbands, and those who had half their faces deformed because of acid thrown on them, for “disobedience,” and of a Muslim woman adulteress being half buried and stoned, at least some of the Muslim women in the room were laughing out loud. It was stunning, and so sad.

Many of the Muslim women were very aggressive. Most of these women, and the men that appeared to be with them, stayed after the speakers were finished and the evening was officially over. They “worked the room” trying to convince anyone they could speak to of the benefits of Islam to society.

One young Muslim woman, who was quite attractive, aggressive and a self-proclaimed political activist, told the RWC President that her family of about 12 people were all Republicans and that this meeting was “off-putting” to her and, so, to her whole family. This same woman indicated to another attendee that she had worked at the UN.

This was all an eye-opening experience; so much for a “religion of peace.” It is educational to understand that the Muslim definition of peace is different than ours in the U.S. and the Western world; their definition of peace is when all live under sharia law. What the Muslims were doing last night was part of what is called “stealth jihad,” and possibly an “influence operation.”

A forum was not given for questions after the speaker was finished. There was not any negative press after the presentation and meeting, though it is likely the Muslim women and men were looking to create a media event to use for the benefit and promotion of their political ideology.


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