Subversion of Law

“Socialism likewise is reflected by many symptoms.  Perversion of law through our courts; treason in government; corruption and graft to attain power and wealth; mob rule in our streets; corrupting the clergy and the pulpit as political agents for leftist atheism; and the steady erosion of the moral s of our youth is symptomatic of the insidious influence of leftist manipulators.”  Archibald B. Roosevelt, The Great Deceit, p.336

“Almost everyone who cares earnestly about freedom is aroused against the Communists.  But it is not only the communists; it is in a more subtle way the socialists who are blocking the efforts of the free world to recover its poise and its once firm resistance to tyranny.”  Max Eastman, Reflections on the Failure of Socialism, p. 23; inThe Great Deceit, p. 333

“The American Civil Liberties Union had previously operated under the name of the National Civil Liberties Bureau, which gained prominence for ‘…attempting to influence the foreign policy of his country towards Soviet Russia.’  Chief organizers of the predecessor group were much well-known socialist as Norman Thomas, Jane Addams, A. A. Berle and Scott Nearing.”  The Great Deceit, Research Director Zygmund Dobbs, p. 328

“Felix Frankfurter organized the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in 1920, in company with Morris Hillquit (head of the American Socialist Party), Harold J. Laski, Roger N. Baldwin, Jane Addams, Harry F. Ward, A.J. Muste, Scott Nearing and Norman Thomas.  This organization was a socialist front pure and simple.”  Ibid., p. 328

“The socialists calculated that by getting control of the Supreme Court they could take power by ‘judicial coup d’état’, or ‘judicial revolution’.”  Ibid., p. 318

“Among themselves socialists and communists consider the law as a fundamentally capitalistic symbol, which they plan to exploit and to eliminate.  They hope to fool the American people with the semblance of socialized aw until they can consolidate their power, meantime steadily transforming the Constitution from its original purpose of guarding individual freedom into an irresistible instrument of oppression.”  Ibid., p,. 311

“It is impossible to attempt the overthrow of capitalism as an economic system without at the same time attacking the substance of capitalist law.”  Felix Cohen, The Great Deceit, p. 304

“Morris Cohen’s activities in propounding the socialistic theory of jurisprudence carried him into the classrooms of Columbia, Harvard, Yale and the University of Chicago.  Since 1923, he had been a lecturer in sociological jurisprudence at the leftist New School for Social Research.  He was busy trying to influence such notable of the laws as Oliver Wendell Holmes, Louis D. Brandeis and Benjamin Cardozo, while they were members of the United State Supreme Court.”  Dobbs, The Great Deceit, p. 294

“For over 70 years, leftists railed against the Constitution as a reactionary document.  Among others socialist Professor Richard T. Ely wrote against ‘the excessive development of constitutionalism’ and advocated in its place a free-wheeling application of law.’”  The Great Deceit, p. 290

“Sociological jurisprudence is the magniloquent name bestowed by its originators on the philosophical theory of law which subordinates individual rights to the aggrandizement of the state. It may be more tersely and significantly termed ‘socialized law.’” The Great Deceit, p. 271

“Whereas the criminal underworld wants to seize for its own benefit a portion of the wealth of society, the left-wingers have as their aim the seizing of all society.  This includes not only all wealth and political power, but also control through conditioning and manipulation of the mind and spirit of all mankind.  This aim was outlined from the very beginning by Saint-Simon, the father of modern socialism and communism.  Fascism and Nazism came from the same source.”  The Great Deceit, p. 279

“The state is not to serve the well being of the separate parts or individuals; the latter are to serve the spiritual, moral and economic well being of the state.”  The Great Deceit, p. 283

“The American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, and the United States Constitution carried on the principles of Magna Carta and the English Common Law.”  The Great Deceit, p. 287

“The basic creed proclaimed by all left-wingers is that the American legal and political system was designed to benefit big business and the rich.  But the historical facts directly contradict that thesis.  Nowhere in the world has there been so much legal action against trusts, combines and monopolies, and in no other nation has there been a sharper reaction against injustices to the poor and the oppressed.”  The Great Deceit, p. 287

   Editor’s Comment:  One might get the impression that your editor thinks very highly of The Great Deceit—Social Pseudo-Sciences.  You would be right.  It is one of the most important works of the whole 20th century relating to the socialist/communist takeover of the United States of America.  It was primarily the work of a number of Harvard graduates who made up the Veritas Foundation and decided to expose the leftwing infiltration of Harvard, Yale, and Columbia etc.  Zygmund Dobbs was its Research Director who nailed down much of the documentation of the work, and as far as I can tell, his research has stood the test of time.  The following article published in the National Review by Bradley C.S. Watson more than verifies such a contention.



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