If God Doesn’t Judge America…

“We read in Genesis 6:11 that ‘the earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.’  Pick up the newspaper and you will see the hostility that fills the earth.  Our nation’s morality has sunk to the place where Ruth Graham once said, ‘If God doesn’t judge America, He will need to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah!.’”  Chuck Smith, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, February 1, 2009

“Woe unto them who call evil good, and good evil.” Isaiah 5:20

“The Pentagon on June 27 saluted open homosexuals in the ranks, with a civilian lawyer calling on fellow homosexuals to ‘stretch a little’ and become more visible inside the military in the drive for benefits for same-sex couples.

“’We need to be as visible as we can be,’ Gordon Tanner, principal deputy general counsel of the Air Force, said at the Defense Department’s first gay pride event. ‘Let us be a bridge to our straight allies.’

“The Pentagon chose Mr. Tanner and two other homosexuals—a Marine officer and a West Point graduate—to talk about the military during ‘don’t’ ask, don’t tell,’ the ban on homosexuals serving openly, and about the months since its official repeal Sept 20.

“The celebration was broadcast on the Pentagon cable channel with the title ‘LGBT Pride Month Event.’ The initials stand for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender. The Pentagon does not count the number of homosexuals in their ranks.” Rowan Scarborough, The Washington Times, July 2, 2012, p. 23

“Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta did not require commands and agencies to hold gay pride events in June, even as the Pentagon prepared for its first celebration on June 26 of homosexuals serving openly in the ranks.

“Mr. Panetta issued a message to troops June 15 recognizing June as Gay Pride Month in the military, after President Obama officially recognized it weeks earlier.

“Jeb Johnson, the Defense Department’s general counsel who spearheaded the drive inside the Pentagon to repeal the policy against homosexuals serving openly in the military, was the keynote speaker at the Pentagon event, which featured a panel discussion titled ‘The Value of Open Service and Diversity.’

“The Pentagon did not release the names of panel members.  A homosexual-rights group said it knew the names but declined to identify them before the Pentagon did.

“Pentagon spokesmen said Mr. Panetta has not directed commands, installations or agencies to hold companion gay pride events during June….

“Elaine Donnelly, who runs the Center for Military Readiness and opposed the repeal, said that forcing the military to celebrate homosexuals is ‘entirely inappropriate.’

“Now we have a secretary of defense who is forgetting  that our military does not exist to promote ’diversity,’ as defined by the LGBT left,’ she said.  ‘Gay pride events are divisive and entirely inappropriate in the military, an institution that encourages shared values and selfless sacrifice, not separatist factions and pressure groups demanding special status and benefits.

“Pentagon officials should support the majorly of men and women in the military instead of helping President Obama to score political points with the LGBT left.’ Ibid.

 “Retailers are becoming a lot less closeted.  Many retailers are turning their attention to gays and lesbians, a group that wields substantial buying power but isn’t fully integrated into mainstream advertising.

“From J. C. Penney Co.’s high-profile hiring of openly gay Ellen DeGeneres as its spokeswoman, to Target Corp. selling same-sex greeting cards, retailers are trying ways to cozy up to a community that by one estimate is as much as 16 million strong and has almost double the disposable income of the average American—some $49,000 per capita compared with the $26,000 average.

“J.C. Penney has been more aggressive than other large retailers in courting gays.  In addition to hiring Ms. DeGeneres, the company feature two women as a couple in its May catalog and two men in its June offering.  J.C. Penney also had a float in New York’s Gay Pride parade.

“J. C. Penney’s monthly catalog is mailed to 14 million customers nationwide.

“Target last month began selling greeting cards for same-sex couples, such as a wedding congratulations card emblazoned with ‘Mr. & Mr.’  The retailer is selling the cards nationwide, signaling that it believes that demand extends beyond cosmopolitan centers and into Middle America.  A line of gay-pride T-shirts sold out in less than a month, Target said.

“Macy’s Inc. uses gay-friendly graphics in some of its windows during Gay Pride Month in June.  ‘We support, and have for many years, pride parades in many cities,’ Macy’s spokesman Jim Sluzewski said.

“A Sears store in a Toronto mall that was along the route of this year’s gay-pride parade in that city had models holding flags in rainbow colors, the symbol of gay pride.  A spokesman for Sears Canada said the Toronto store was the only one that had such a display.  Sears doesn’t participate in gay-pride displays in the U.S., according to a spokeswoman.” Karen Talley, The Wall Street Journal, July 9, 2012, p. B9


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