Darwin’s Problems

“In a letter to Asa Gray dated 3 April 1860 Darwin said: ‘I remember well the time when the thought of the eye made me cold all over, but I have got over this stage of the complaint, and now small trifling particulars of structure often make me very uncomfortable.  The sight of a feather in a peacock’s tail, whenever I gaze at it, makes me sick!’” Norman Macbeth, Darwin Retried: How Convincing is Darwinian Theory Today?, p. 101

“My basic definition of classical Darwinism included two corollaries stemming straight from Darwin himself.  First, in the evolution of any structure of function, every intermediate stage must be of advantage to the species. Second, natural selection tends only to make each organic being as perfect as, or slightly more perfect than, the other inhabitants of the same country with which it has to struggle for existence.” Ibid., p. 97

“In the peacock and the Argus pheasant, we have conspicuous and appetizing animals that cannot run, fly, fight, or hide.  As Sir Julian Huxley says: ‘…the display-characters may even be clearly disadvantageous to the individual in all aspects of existence other than the reproductive, as in the train of the peacock, the wings of the Argus pheasant, or the plumes of some birds of paradise.  By all reasonable standards (and who can really cleave to the doctrine that we should not set up standards or assume to judge fitness?) natural selection should never have allowed such animals to come into existence.”  Ibid., p. 85

“Evidences of design are everywhere about us; the forces producing the design are the so-called ‘laws of nature,’ many of which science has disclosed to us and many of which still await discovery…And so it goes—everywhere there is design.  Everything is conforming to definite forces acting upon it, is obeying natural laws applicable to its particular state.  Whence come these natural laws?  There we find the Creator.” Paul Amos Moody, Introduction to Evolution, p. 497, 498

“Another problem with the typical evolution curriculum is the censorship of information that is downright unfavorable to evolution.  Turning to page one hundred and seventy eight in the Modern Library 6th edition of the Origin of Species, we discover this remarkable admission: ‘I have now considered enough, perhaps more than enough, of the cases selected with care by a skilful naturalist, to prove that natural selection is incompetent to account for the incipient stage of useful structures; and I have shown, as I hope that there is no great difficulty on this head.’  That admission is not in the five previous editions of The Origin.  The naturalist to whom Darwin is referring is St. George Mivart who pointed out that all organs, according to the evolutionary scenario, would have to begin as useless, rudimentary or incipient structures that provide no survival advantage.  In other words, if natural selection cannot account for the origin of structures before they have a use, it cannot account for the existence of fully functional organs either.  Darwin agreed, essentially admitting that natural selection is a figment of a fertile imagination and survival of the fittest is a meaningless slogan.

“The typical evolution curriculum is devoid of critical thinking, consequently, it is ideal for teaching critical thinking.  I taught a scientifically objective evolution curriculum for many years, during which time no parent or student complained.  The school administration protested, but they had no scientific grounds for doing so.  Some of the science teachers protested while others submitted the following statement in my support: ‘If a theory or point of view is treated only as a doctrine to be validated, and not one to be challenged, it is not within the realm of science.’  Evolution is purported to be a scientific theory; therefore, all teachers have an unassailable right to question the evidence in the classroom. Not only an exalted right but a common sense expectation and an invulnerable obligation to students and true science.”  Randall Hedtke, The Washington Times, July 2, 2012, p. 40

Editor’s Comment:  Randall Hedtke’s book Secrets of the Sixth Edition: Darwin Discredits His Own Theory is available from Master Books, P. O. Box 726, Green Forest, AR 72638.  It’s telephone number is 1.870.438-5288 and email address is: www.masterbooks.net


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