The Power of Education

“Having the knowledge we may set hopefully at work upon a course of social invention and experimental engineering.”  John Dewey, Human Nature and Conduct: An Introduction to Social Psychology, p. 148 quoted in Thomas Sowell, Intellectuals and Society, p. 18.

“The association of intellectuals with violence occurs too often to be dismissed as an aberration.  Often it takes the form of admiring those ‘men of action’ who practice violence.  Mussolini had an astonishing number of intellectual followers, by no means all of them Italian.  In his ascent to power, Hitler consistently was most successful on the campus, his electoral appeal to students regularly outstripping his performance among the population as a whole. He always performed well among teachers and university professors.  Many intellectuals were drawn into the higher echelons of the Nazi Party and participated in the more gruesome excesses of the SS.” Paul Johnson, Intellectuals, p. 319 quoted in Sowell, Ibid., p. 156.

“The hideous crimes committed in Cambodia from April 1975 onwards, which involved the deaths of between a fifth and a third of the population, were organized by a group of Francophone middle-class intellectuals known as the Angka Leu (the Higher Organization). Of its eight leaders, five were teachers, one a university professor, one a civil servant and one an economist,” Johnson, p. 246 in Sowell, Ibid.

“University of Oregon professor Kari Norgaard (PhD, sociology) has compared global warming doubt to racism, and wrote a paper that suggested skeptics have a ‘sickness.’ wrote that Norgaard ‘argued that cultural resistance to accepting humans as being responsible for climate change must be recognized and treated as an aberrant sociological behavior.’  Yale professor Karen Seto pushed for the same at the Planet Under Pressure conference stating, ‘We certainly don’t want them (humans) strolling about the entire countryside.  We want them to save land for nature by living closely together.’ “  Jim Vanne, April 6, 2012,

“There are more Marxists teaching in Sociology Department in America than living in the former Soviet Union.”  Mike Adams logo

For the Love of Marx

By Mike Adams 4/3/2012

 There are more Marxists teaching in Sociology Departments in America than living in the former Soviet Union. These sociologists hold themselves out as scientists despite the fact that they fail consistently in their efforts to predict the future. In fact, most of them lack the competence to accurately predict the past. Among the least competent and most intellectually dishonest is Gary L. Faulkner, Professor Emeritus from the University of North Carolina.

Faulkner recently claimed that Marx predicted the events we are seeing in the Occupy Wall Street movement. He also claimed that events from the 20th Century bolster the credibility of Marx as both an economist and political prophet. He further castigates Republicans for their refusal to embrace Marxism. Faulkner states, “There is something really ironic about Republican’s hatred of Marxism. Years ago Marx predicted capitalism would collapse. The reason – workers would rebel.”

And they did. They rebelled in China, Russia, North Korea, Cambodia, Afghanistan, and Vietnam. Their rebellion produced Marxist governments. And the governments killed millions. The numbers of murders are striking:

Marxist China 65 million

Marxist USSR 20 million

Marxist North Korea 2 million

Marxist Cambodia 2 million

Marxist Afghanistan 1.5 million

Marxist Vietnam 1 million

Marx predicated all of this, right? Wrong. But we could have seen it coming. Marx was a violent man who unleashed racist and anti-Semitic assaults on anyone who dared to oppose the use of violence as a means of creating change.

Ferdinand Lassalle was one labor leader Marx hated for his desire to come up with practical solutions rather than violent confrontation. Lassalle’s opposition to violence caused Marx to dub him a “Jewish n****r” and a “greasy Jew.” Marx also said of Lassalle “the shape of his head and the growth of his hair indicate(s) he is a descendent of the Negroes who joined in Moses flight from Egypt unless his mother or grandmother on the father’s side was crossed with a n****r.”

There is little question that Marx would have carried out violence on a large scale. But his poor physical condition prevented him from doing so – instead leaving the work to followers such as Lenin, Stalin, and Mao. His heavy smoking and drinking zapped his energy. His refusal to bathe – a trait also shared by Mao – resulted in boils all over his body. They brought on nervous collapse and fits of rage – both of which would have prevented him from working and earning his own living had he decided to do so.

Marx had a passionate hatred of capitalism because he was simply unable to handle money and to organize his own financial affairs. His inability to stay out of debt explains why his theory of capital is so deeply rooted in anti-Semitism. It also explains why he stole many of his most deeply anti-Semitic passages from Martin Luther.

Because he refused to work, even his own family remained unsympathetic to his requests for handouts, which he began making in college and kept making throughout the duration of his life. His own mother was credited with saying that she wished Karl would start accumulating capital instead of just writing about it.

Although he wrote about the need for revolution, Marx had a strange hatred for those who came from the revolutionary class. His son-in-law Paul Lafargue was from Cuba and had some black blood. He tried to keep his daughter from marrying him and later resented him for refusing to honor his wishes. Consequently, Marx referred to him as “Negrillo” and “the Gorilla.”

In short, Marx considered both work and the worker to be beneath him. He lived nearly his entire adult life off of handouts from Engels, the co-author of The Communist Manifesto. While he was living off of Engels’ capital, Marx kept a peasant woman around the house and refused to pay her for her services. Later, he fathered an illegitimate child by her and refused to provide financial support or even to acknowledge that he was the father. In other words, he exploited her labor and then abandoned her after she went into labor. Marx was not a great man worthy of admiration.

Nor was Marx a great prophet. He understood that there would always be men incapable of taking care of themselves. He understood that they would resort to violence whenever they did not get what they wanted. He also understood that there would always be academics who admired gross incompetence and the propensity towards violence.

Marx did not need a crystal ball to arrive at these truths. All he needed was a mirror.


Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Feminists Say the Darndest Things: A Politically Incorrect Professor Confronts “Womyn” On Campus.


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