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Jim Wallis, Sojourners and The Religious Left

“What Americans can look forward to now that Rev. Jim Wallis has the ear of President Obama is what Sojourners magazine has been pedaling since 1971—‘advocating America’s transformation into a socialist nation.’” Fred C. Schwarz and David A. Noebel, You Can Still Trust the Communists (to be Communists), p. 283

FrontPageMagzine reports, ‘The most notable of [Obama’s] spiritual advisors today is his friend of many years, Rev. Jim Wallis.’  Rev. Wallis admits that he and Obama have been ‘talking faith and politics for a long time.’  He was picked by Obama to draft the faith-based policies of his campaign at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado in 2008.”  Ibid., p. 276

“The Sojourners community, says Laksin, ‘actively embraced ‘liberation theology,’ rallying to the cause of communist regimes that had seized power with the promise of bringing about a revolutionary restructuring of society.’  Clark Pinnock, a disaffected former member of Sojourners, said that the community’s members were ‘100 percent in favor of the Nicaraguan [Communist] revolution.’”  Ibid., p. 277

“The ugly truth is Wallis wishes to see the destruction of the United States as a nation and in its place ‘a radical nonconformist community’ patterned after the progressive, socialist commune he established in Washington, DC, in 1971.”  Ibid. Continue reading


Fighting For Dr. Oscar Biscet

“Cuba is a police state.”  Dr. Oscar Biscet, The Wall Street Journal, March 21, 2012, p. A13

“The Castro brothers have given a homework assignment to Benedict XVI.  On Thursday morning, days before the Pope is due to visit Cuba, Havana’s political police delivered a summons to the home of Oscar Elias Biscet, one of the country’s most eloquent dissidents.

“A devout Christian, Dr. Biscet has spent most of his days since 1999 in one dungeon or another.  He’s been out of prison since last March, but Thursday’s police visit comes one day after he published an op-ed on these pages, ‘A Cuban’s Prayer for Pope Benedict.’  Our information at press time was he had not answered the summons.

“Dr. Biscet’s activism was driven initially by opposition to Cuba’s widespread use of aboritifacients.  One such drug, rivanol, often resulted in live births—followed by the gruesome hospital murder of the newborns.

“In short order he lost his job and his home, saw is wife harassed, suffered beating from Castro’s men, and entered Cuba’s penal system.  There he documented the treatment of political prisoners. Continue reading

Critical Race Theory

“The relevance [of President Obama praising radical Harvard Professor Derrick Bell] is that Derrick Bell was a massive racial radical.  He was the father of a fringe legal theory called the critical race theory, which states first that racial discrimination can never be eliminated; and second, that the constitutional and legal system is based on racism—loaded with it—and is therefore uncorrectable.  Bell was therefore significantly more militant than the traditional civil rights movement.  That’s why he felt that the 14th Amendment, which guarantees equal protection of the laws, benefitted whites more than blacks.  Bell thought that Louis Farrakhan [Nation of Islam] was a ‘hero for the people,’ since he stood up to the white establishment—a position so extreme that even fellow Harvard professors such as Randall Kenney thought it was over the edge.  Bell excused a certain amount of anti-Semitism by blaming it on ‘Jewish neoconservative racists who are undermining blacks in every way they can.’” Meredith Jessup, The Blaze, March 14, 2012 Continue reading