Charles Darwin’s End

“What we know about cellular anatomy and physiology makes a theory of self-assembly irrational, because it is impossible genetically and biochemically.” John Dale Dunn

“The life functions of a single human cell are far more complex than the world’s most capable supercomputer, and impossible for man to duplicate using non-living materials.” Ibid

The Biochemistry Challenge to Darwin

John Dale Dunn, American Thinker, November 23, 2019

The AT commenters responses to my book review of Foresight: How the Chemistry of Life Reveals Planning and Purpose, by Physical Chemist, Spectrometrist Researcher Dr. Marcos Eberlin were, in many cases, well informed and insightful, but one extraordinary commentary was provided by Dr. Ronald Cherry of  East Tennessee, who is board certified in four specialties of medicine and an energetic researcher in matters of biochemical cellular physiology and micro anatomy and physiology.

Dr. Cherry provided me with a commentary  titled “Zero Probability for Self-Generated Life” that I found compelling and worth summarizing and discussing for the many who are interested in the debate on the origination of life and the appearances of species of life, the question—does the Darwin Theory of Origin of Species hold up to modern scientific analysis that includes the microanatomy and microphysiology as well as the active complex biochemistry of the magic that is a living cell?

The life functions of a single human cell, as described by Dr. Cherry, are far more complex than the world’s most capable supercomputer, and impossible for man to duplicate using non-living materials due to the complexity and the sub-microscopic size and fragility of biochemical and cellular elements that are critical to the development of more complicated functional living things, but also that provide for maintaining the survival of the “lesser” forms of cellular life.  The complexity and rapidity of life-requiring DNA transcription into messenger RNA, and then ribosomal translation into enzymes and proteins of structure and function challenges human understanding. Continue reading

A Conservative Philosopher

“Sir Roger Scruton (knighted by the queen in 2016) is the greatest living English philosopher, and he’s a conservative.  It almost makes me want to cry.” John Dale Dunn

“Western civilization has come in for a lot of attack because it’s Western.” Roger Scruton

Editor’s Note: Dr. Scruton is dying of cancer; pray for his spiritual and mental wellbeing.

Editor’s Note:  When I hear of British philosophers, I immediately think of C. E. M. Joad who overcame his atheism and wrote a book entitled The Recovery of Belief (1952). His conclusion, “I now believe that the balance of reasonable considerations tells heavily in favor of the religious, even of the Christian view of the world.”

Roger Scruton, a philosopher in full

By John Dale Dunn; American Thinker, November 18, 2019

Sir Roger Scruton (knighted by the queen in 2016) is the greatest living English philosopher, and he’s a conservative.  It almost makes me wanna cry.

He is active and productive as author, essayist, and lecturer, and he is extremely effective as a debater and polemicist.  He certainly is in the philosophy hall of fame based on his status as a refined and far ranging philosopher, specializing in aesthetics, like music and architecture, but always ready to engage on politics, culture, and morality.  He is the ideal conservative philosopher in many ways, and I have yet to disagree with his analysis of things and his judgments.  Of course, I can’t quite keep up, so I will have to assume he still hits the ball correctly and smartly.  He has written more than 50 books and a silo full of essays and commentaries.

Photo credit: Elekes Andor. Continue reading

Chick-fil-A goes wobbly

“Writing in The American Conservative, Rod Dreher called the move ‘a gutless surrender.”

“The LGBT[QIA] lobby, and their progressive allies, will never, ever leave you alone. Never.” Rod Dreher, The Western Journal, November 19, 2019

“Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, who was at the forefront of defending Chick-fil-A from the left’s wrath after CEO Dan Cathy voiced support for Biblical marriage in 2012, decried the company’s change as ‘betrayal.’”

Gov. Huckabee Blasts Chick-fil-A for Selling Out to Leftists Who Will Hate It Anyway

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee let Chick-fil-A have it for the company’s decision to stop giving to charities like the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes because they support Biblical marriage.

On Monday, Chick-fil-A announced it will now give through its foundation to three charities in each city the chain does business.

Each charity must be linked to the company’s core issues of “education, homelessness and hunger.”

Chick-fil-A’s dollars will flow to Junior Achievement USA, Covenant House International (which is Christian-affiliated) and local food banks.

“This provides more focus and more clarity,” Chick-fil-A President and Chief Operating Officer Tim Tassopoulos told Bisnow. “We think [education, hunger and homelessness] are critical issues in communities where we do business in the U.S.” Continue reading