Abortion kills Babies

“Abortionists kills babies. They sell baby brains, hearts, livers, kidneys, and other body parts. They eat, drink, and joke about it. No, let’s rewrite that: ‘Planned Parenthood medical personnel terminate pregnancies.” Marvin Olasky

A time for plain speaking

ROE V. WADE | Planned Parenthood benefits from a culture that disguises what the organization truly is and does

Issue: “Roe v. Wade 1973-2016,” Jan. 23, 2016World magazine, January 23, 2016, p. 34f


A statute marks the grave of a child killed as a sacrifice in Carthage, Tunisia.

Abortionists kill babies. They sell baby brains, hearts, livers, kidneys, and other body parts. They eat, drink, and joke about it.

No, let’s rewrite that: “Planned Parenthood medical personnel terminate pregnancies. They then perform a public service by making available for scientific research fetal organs otherwise heading to landfills. They work so hard that they have to seize time in restaurants to make sure those parts find their highest and best use.”

Which description is best? Before last year many Americans would have gone with No. 2. Six months ago some opinions changed as The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) began putting online, week by week, videotaped interviews with Planned Parenthood officials that looked a lot more like the first description than the second.

Half a year later, though, pro-lifers who exulted seem like latter-day biblical Leahs: She thought each new son she bore would make her husband, Jacob, love her, but his heart was set on Rachel. Last year abortion supporters typically ignored inconvenient facts, much as they did in 2011 when a jury found Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell guilty of murder.

Furthermore, most Americans did not view the CMP videos, and many barely heard of them. During one two-week period after the initial videos emerged, ABC, CBS, and NBC gave nearly three times more attention to the death of Cecil the Lion, shot by dentist Walter Palmer in Africa, than to the selling of organs from a few of the nearly 60 million unborn children aborted since 1973.

That’s according to the Media Research Center, which along with showing the 30-minute to 11-minute disparity also documented the prompts network anchors gave viewers. NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt noted “anger” and “outcry” over the lion’s death. ABC World News Tonight host David Muir stressed “outrage.” CBS This Morning upped the ante to “worldwide outrage.”

While any criticism of abortionists prompted concern for their physical protection, few seemed alarmed when British journalist Piers Morgan said, “I will sell tickets for $50,000 to anyone who wants to come with me and track down fat, greedy, selfish, murderous businessmen like Dr. Palmer. Then we’d calmly walk over, skin him alive, cut his head from his neck, and took [sic] a bunch of photos of us all grinning inanely at his quivering flesh.”

The relative ignoring of CMP’s work meant that after three months of weekly videotape releases, Rasmussen Reports found attitudes toward Planned Parenthood largely unchanged. Some 53 percent of likely U.S. voters retained a favorable opinion of Planned Parenthood, and 42 percent viewed it unfavorably. Polarization, though, was increasing: Slightly more than half of those on the “favorable” side were very favorable, but three-fourths of the “unfavorables” were very unfavorable.

Another sign of polarization came in September when Amelia Bonow and Jezebel journalist Lindy West started #ShoutYourAbortion. Aborting women have generally been reluctant to speak of their experience; but Bonow said, “Having an abortion made me happy,” and West tweeted, “My abortion was in ’10 & the career I’ve built since then fulfills me.”

Hundreds of women added their sentiments. The most common message was along these lines: “I respected my life, relationship & body enough to do what was right for me.” West even became a denier of ultrasound appearance and scientific evidence: “It is a fact without caveat that a fetus is not a person. I own my body and I decide what I allow to grow in it.” She argued: “There’s a reason why #ShoutYourAbortion has been getting mountains of positive, mainstream press attention. … It’s because we are right.”

That is West’s explanation, but we shouldn’t be so surprised by the popularity of abortion among believers in the “do what’s right for me” ethos: Sacrificing babies to win favor from gods of power and sex has been customary in most societies for which we have records.

EDGAR ALLAN POE WROTE IN 1845 about “the glory that was Greece,” but child sacrifice fills its mythology and history. Agamemnon killed his daughter Iphigenia to obtain fair winds for sailing to Troy. Aristodemus of Messenia sacrificed his daughter to stop a plague. Leos of Athens slaughtered his three daughters after the Oracle at Delphi said human sacrifices would stop a famine. This was part of exchange religion, the most common of man’s devices: You give something valuable to a deity, the deity pays you back.

Other European lands from Rome to Sweden also saw child sacrifice, as did China, India, New Guinea, and Australia. Egyptian mothers were supposed to shout out their pride when holy crocodiles devoured their children. An Algerian inscription from around A.D. 200 reads, “Prosperity and salvation! To the holy lord Saturn a great nocturnal sacrifice—breath for breath, blood for blood, life for life.” In the Western Hemisphere, Aztecs killed children, often as an offering to the rain god Tlaloc, and Incas sacrificed children in a ritual called capacocha.

Excavations at Carthage, a Baal-worshipping Phoenician colony founded around 750 B.C., have found hundreds of urns filled with charred bones of small children and animals. Carthaginians probably filled up 20,000 urns in that way from 400 B.C. until Rome destroyed their city in 148 B.C., with the percentage of infant bones versus animal bones increasing as time went on and the increasingly desperate Carthaginians upped their investment in death. One account from the time describes drums and fifes drowning out shrieks, much as situation comedies now distract us from considering abortion.

In the ancient Middle East, Ammonites sacrificed children to Molech, and Canaanites, Nabateans, Edomites, and Sepharvites also “burned their children in the fire” as an offering to their gods. Psalm 106 describes how even some Israelites “sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons; they poured out innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan, and the land was polluted with blood.”  Continue reading

Churchill: Leader, Thinker, Historian, Educator

“We’re taken methodically on a tour of toxic agents that are, according to Churchill, perpetually poised to destroy freedom within the Western democracies: the erosion of the constitutional constraints of limited government; the lazy ceding to meddling bureaucrats—who become ‘neither civil nor servants’—and ‘experts’ of decisions that should be left solely to citizens and their elected representatives.” Tracy Lee Simmons

Winston Churchill

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill as he gives his famous ” V for Victory Salute.” Churchill Britain’s famous World War II prime minister died fifty years ago on January 24 1965. (AP Photo, File)

“Education, in the end, ought to prompt us to answer the simple and profound questions of ‘Why are we here?’ and ‘What is the purpose of life?’ When one ponders these words, one begins to see further latent causes of Churchill’s greatness. He had a compass, and not for worldly things alone.” Ibid

Churchill’s Meditations

Tracy Lee Simmons, National Review, January 25, 2016, p. 37f

Of all the impulses that may drive someone to add yet another book to the colos­sal literature on Winston Churchill, one that quietly throws sin­gular light on Churchill’s sober grasp of statesmanship isn’t the spiciest. We prefer to read about the dashing young army officer who took part in the British Army’s last cavalry charge; the lone defiant voice warning his nation of Hitler’s military buildup in the 1930s; the buoyant warlord prime minister who faced down the Nazi blitzkrieg; or even the venerable lion whom the British electorate sent out to pasture in stunning ingratitude after the war but who then went on, improbably, to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. These Churchills make better copy. We prefer dash, the unexpected, a well-aimed bon mot, and a splash of occasional political recklessness in the name of principle—in short, every­thing we know not to expect from politicians nowadays.

But as Larry Arnn shrewdly reminds us in this new book, we blame our con­temporaries unjustly for not measuring up to Churchill: Leaders of his caliber have alwavs been rare. Yet that fact doesn’t let us off the hook. We’re duty-bound to learn as much as we can from those few men and women on the polit­ical stage who have been deemed great. This is a timely reminder; seldom have we needed Churchillian leader­ship more acutely. But we need to acknowledge the roots of his success: It is not only the brave Churchill of the battlefield and bombed-out ruins of the newsreels we ought to learn from, but also the Churchill of the library, the one who could act prudently because he had read deeply and thought with a clear if crowded mind about the world, not only as we would have it be but as it is. It’s Churchill the thinker and political philosopher (and, in not a few cases, Churchill the prophet) Arnn chooses to give us here. It’s the Churchill who believed that to govern without a solid philosophy—a set of high and ineluctable principles ground­ed in reality as revealed by that constel­lation of experience we call history—is to sail a ship without a rudder. The good statesman acts, but only after meditation, and it is the substance of Churchill’s meditations that we’re here invited to enter.

A keen student of Churchill since he served as research director for Sir Martin Gilbert (Churchiirs official biographer) almost 40 years ago, Amn sets himself the formidable task of dredging up the key themes of thought and action that run as consistently as a meandering stream through Churchill’s long and contentious career, a career that was by his 65th birthday, in 1939, judged by many to be mixed at best and at worst a failure. The author has a munificent treasure to mine: A hundred years from now our descendants may be poring over some politician’s collected Tweets, but fortunately Churchill wrote concise, sharpened sentences and nuanced, barrel-aged, mature paragraphs conveying real ideas and impressions and conclu­sions and not merely crude, attention-grabbing expostulations. Continue reading

Brits Sinking?

“The nation that gave the world the Magna Carta is dead.” Pamela Geller

“The British Home Office also cited security concerns—that is, if I [Pamela Geller] were admitted, Muslims might riot, and rather than keep the Muslims rioting, they banned me. As Laura Rosen Cohen says, ‘security concerns’ are the new ‘shut up.’” Ibid

Geller: The Nation That Gave the World the Magna Carta Is Dead

Pamela Geller, Breitbart.com, January 18, 2016

The British Parliament on Monday debated whether or not to ban Donald Trump from the country for the crime of saying that in light of jihad terrorist attacks, there should be a temporary moratorium on Muslim immigration into the U.S.

I did not expect for one moment that the Brits would ban the U.S. presidential candidate who may very well be the next President of the United States. A nation whose national self-esteem (or what’s left of it) is rooted deeply in its place in history would be infamous for having banned the leader of its closest ally, the one that saved her from the Nazi onslaught.

On the other hand, maybe they will ban Trump. After all, the British government banned me from entering the country for standing up against jihad terror. To ban Trump for calling for a temporary moratorium on Muslim immigration would just be more of the same. The British government, egged on by the left, seems determined to silence any and every voice against jihad terror and Islamization. The consequences for Britain will be catastrophic. Continue reading


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