Dissecting the Sexes

“The female of the species is more deadly than the male.” Rudyard Kipling

“While men have their characteristic sins (lust, for example), a female one is vindictiveness.” Selwyn Duke

“Two men can engage in fisticuffs and be buddies an hour later. Women? Not so much.” Ibid

A Glimpse Into a World Without Men

By Selwyn Duke, American Thinker, November 14, 2018

Female Symbol Flat IconAh, to have an all-female workplace, full of sugar and spice and everything nice and absent #MeToo turpitude and transgressions. Are you in, ladies? Well, before signing on that dotted line, you may want to consider the experiences of the sugar-and-spice girls at Sweden’s new Gender Equality Authority.

Yes, that sounds like what’s birthed when Orwell’s 1984 meets The Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (Bill Maher’s most memorable movie), but it wasn’t mainly men being consumed in this bureaucracy. As Sweden’s FriaTider reports (auto-translated and corrected for grammar):

The New Gender Equality Authority has a leadership consisting of 100 percent women. Ten months after its inception, an internal report now reveals a work environment so bad that 70 percent of its employees are distressed enough to be at risk of ill health, reports Ekot.

The internal survey, Ekot also noted, shows in addition that a majority of the employees of the Gender Equality Authority suffer from sleep problems and “risk fatigue”.

Among other things, the women-dominated workplace is characterized by bullying and harassment, according to the survey.

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Pope Updates Rome

Vatican Conclave Elects Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio As Pope

“As for reform? Forget it. Nearly half of the members of Pope Francis’s reformist team have been pulled into sexual-abuse scandals themselves.” Michael Brendan Dougherty

“Cardinal George Pell has returned to his native Australia to face charges of fondling children.” Ibid

“Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga has been accused of protecting churchmen who fostered a culture of sexual predation in the seminaries of Honduras.” Ibid

“American cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, who heads the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors, has been exposed as having passed the buck when a priest tried to inform him of the serial sexual predation of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick against seminarians.” Ibid

The Case Against Pope Francis

Michael Brendan Dougherty, National Review, October 29, 2018, p. 29f

He has elevated immoral men in order to change the Catholic faith

Just over five years ago, the Argentine cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio came out onto the loggia of St. Peter’s as Pope Francis. It is useful to recall the situation of the Church that he inherited.

The sex-abuse scandals that had rocked the Church in America and some European countries at the turn of the millennium were subsiding, or so it seemed. But the dysfunction at the Vatican under Pope Benedict XVI had overwhelmed the scholarly pontiff. Benedict’s chosen reformer for the corrupt Vatican Bank, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, initially had success in turning blood-red deficits toward the black, but he was swiftly undermined and sent packing to be the Vatican’s ambassador to the United States. Benedict’s butler, Paolo Gabriele, was arrested for stealing and leaking to the media documents revealing the intrigue and backbiting within Vatican City. Benedict assigned three cardinals to investigate the VatiLeaks scandal. They returned to the pope a long dossier, which was widely reported to contain an account of the financial and sexual misdeeds of senior officials in the Vatican itself. At about this time European banks began squeezing the Vatican Bank, and by the turn of the New Year the Vatican’s own ATMs stopped working. Their function was restored days after Benedict announced that he would resign the papacy, the first papal resignation in five centuries.

Two storylines emerged out of the election of Bergoglio. The first was that the Church had elected a man who had a common touch and would stop the Church from becoming a museum of dead dogmas. The second is that the Church had chosen him because he had shown the energy to reform the dysfunctional curia. Continue reading

David Livingstone and the Slave Trade


“Dr. Livingstone was the internationally renowned [Christian] missionary who had discovered the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls, and searched for the source of the Nile.” Bill Federer

“David Livingstone was horrified by the Arab Muslim slave trade. His letters, books, and journals stirred up a public outcry to abolish slavery.” Ibid


Bill Federer recounts adventurous life of famous African missionary

Bill Federer, WorldNetDaily.com, November 10, 2018

“Doctor Livingstone, I presume?” stated New York Herald reporter Henry Stanley on Nov. 10, 1871, as he met David Livingstone on the banks of Africa’s Lake Tanganyika.

Dr. Livingstone was the internationally renowned missionary who had discovered the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls, and searched for the source of the Nile. He had not been heard from in years and was rumored to have died. Stanley, a skeptic, was sent from America to find him and write a story.

David Livingstone had been raised in the Church of Scotland, then the Congregational Church, and committed his life to Christ to become a medical missionary to China. When the medical school required him to learn Latin, David Livingstone met a local Irish Catholic to tutor him, Daniel Gallagher, who later became a priest and founded St. Simon’s Church in Glasgow. David Livingstone’s plans changed when the Opium Wars broke out in China.

David Livingstone was convinced by Missionary Robert Moffat to go to South Africa where there was “the smoke of a thousand villages, where no missionary had ever been.” Continue reading