Transgender Agenda


“’As is the case with same-sex ‘marriage,’ children are again victims.”  Trevor Thomas

“Not only children, but parents of vulnerable and deceived children are victims as well.” Ibid

The ‘Transgender’ Endgame

By Trevor Thomas, American Thinker, January 2, 2020

While listening to the Rush Limbaugh show this past Monday, I heard guest host Todd Herman interview an Australian pediatrician and professor on the issue of gender dysphoria and children.  Near the end of the enlightening interview, in which the good doctor detailed the “serious and irreversible damage” done to gender-dysphoric children given radical surgeries and hormones demanded by the perverse LGBT agenda, Mr. Herman asked the important question: “Why?”

I don’t recall the exact wording of Mr. Herman’s question, and does not provide a transcript for guest-hosted shows, but it was something along the lines of this: why have so many decided that the solution for children — children! — suffering from gender delusions is disfiguring surgeries and dangerous hormone treatments?  The doctor didn’t have a good answer ready, but I think I know who’s really behind this evil and what the endgame is here.

First of all, let it be noted the lightning speed in which we’ve descended down this wicked slope.  With nothing in science or morality to back the notion that “gender is a spectrum” or that one can actually “transition” from one sex to another, in less than a decade we’ve gone from the foolish and evil notion that marriage is whatever we define it to be to sex (gender) is whatever we define it to be.  As is the case with same-sex “marriage,” children are again victims.

Not only children, but parents of vulnerable and deceived children are victims as well.  In early 2019, in Public Discourse, the journal of the Witherspoon Institute, five mothers anonymously published their concerns over their supposed “transgender” children.  The first mother wrote: Continue reading

Tolerating the Intolerable

“Yet, according to some polls, a hair-raisingly high percentage of America’s youth think communism is good.” David L. Rosenthal

“Colin Kaepernick is just one ignorant buffoon, in a great mass of ignorant buffoons.  But he is a symptom of a spiritual illness that pervades America.” Ibid

An end to tolerance

David L. Rosenthal, American Thinker, December 26, 2019

The National Anthem commemorates the struggle of America to remain free from despotic oppression by a foreign power from which America had freed itself only a few decades before, after which the United States Constitution was ratified, including the Preamble and the Bill of Rights, cornerstones of American exceptionalism, defining not exactly what America had become, but what America should become.

Today, after 24 decades of history and social turmoil, and struggle to improve social conditions in order better to reflect adherence to the principles expressed in the Preamble, America is at a crossroads, faced on the one hand with the option to continue down the road of respect for individual rights and the great purposes for which America was founded, and on the other hand with the option of permitting Communist madmen to transform America into an enslaved nation oppressed by totalitarian brutes.

Communist madmen such as Bernie Sanders want you to accept that just one more attempt at communism will magically lead to its successful administration for the first time in its history of producing genocide, poverty, and degradation of society. Elizabeth Warren and Michael Bloomberg are not far behind Bernie in their insane initiatives to destroy freedom, rights, and prosperity. Continue reading

A Good Samaritan


“The Samaritan bandaged his wounds…paid his motel and food bill and promised to pay more if necessary.” Don Boys

“Why not be kind?  After all, it doesn’t cost anything.” Ibid

New Year’s Resolution: Be Kind

By Don Boys, American Thinker, January 1, 2020

Why not be kind?  After all, it doesn’t cost anything!

For a few years, I have tried to say or do something each day for someone who has no way to be a benefit to me.  That usually happens in restaurants, motels, airports, and other places of business.  Famous Baptist John Bunyan said, “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”  That is the essence that I have tried to practice, but without the eloquence of Bunyan.

Most of what we do each day is predetermined to benefit ourselves in some way.  I will sell some books, appear on a talk show, book a speaking engagement, or make an investment decision.  Of course, each contact I make will be reciprocal, since the people with whom I interact will get something they want from me.

Mutual reciprocity is a way of life, and it is not evil or even selfish.  Even among family members, there is normally a reciprocal understanding: children obey parents and experience more freedom or money; they do well in school and good things follow.  It is even biblical to live that way, but John Bunyan suggested that there is normal everyday living, and then there is superior living.  Moreover, the inference is that those who try to live a superior or abundant life will be not losers, but winners by not seeking any personal advantage.

What a change in America if more of us practiced that living maxim every day not just during this time of year. Continue reading