Meet Dinesh D’Souza

“Most of the horrific crimes that we associate with racism from slave plantations through segregation/Jim Crow, racial terrorism, the Ku Klux Klan—all of this was done by Democrats, largely with the encouragement of the Democratic Party.” Dinesh D’Souza

Interview With Dinesh D’Souza: His “Death of a Nation” Exposes Democrats’ “Big Lie”

Written by  Troy Anderson, The New American, September 11, 2018

Interview With Dinesh D’Souza: His “Death of a Nation” Exposes Democrats’ “Big Lie”

New York Times best-selling author Dinesh D’Souza explains the truth that Democrats hide and lie about: It it is their party that has been anti-black.

In an explosive new film that Rotten Tomatoes’ critics gave a “zero percent” rating, but audiences gave a “90 percent” score, conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza exposes the Democratic Party’s “big lie” that President Donald Trump, Republicans, and conservatives are racists and fascists.

In the film Death of a Nation: Can We Save America a Second Time? the New York Times best-selling author argues that Democrats and progressives are the intellectual heirs of the slavery of African-Americans and genocide of Native Americans, and that their policies helped inspire the Nazis and the Holocaust.

The film, which is igniting a national debate about the largely unknown and long-hidden history of the Democratic Party, compares the political environment Trump faces today with the one that America’s first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, experienced during the Civil War.

“I think the response [to the film] has been fantastic,” D’Souza says:

The audiences love the movie, and it’s very revealing, if you go on Rotten Tomatoes — which is sort of the official movie review site — the professional critics, who are almost entirely on the left, like the movie zero percent.

The audience ranked it at (90 percent on August 11). I’ve never seen such a wide discrepancy between the critics’ assessment and the audience’s assessment. Normally, there is about a 10-20 percent gap because the critics are a subset of the larger audience, and

a representative one. What the zero percent really tells me is these are people who despise the movie, and the reason they despise the movie is because the movie is a 90 percent refutation of everything they believe. Now, they are not smart enough to refute it, so the best that they can do is let out a primal yell, and their primal yell, is a zero percent rating.

In an exclusive interview with The New American, D’Souza discussed the film, what his research and interviews with prominent experts revealed, and the impact the movie is having on America.

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The Religion of Humanism

banner-27“Among the saddest is that public school kids, ‘our future,’ are schooled in the framework of the secular humanist religion.” Anthony J. DeBlasi

Editor’s Note: For a complete analysis of Secular Humanism we recommend Jeff Myers & David A. Noebel, Understanding The Times: A Survey of Competing Worldviews. Available at Summit Ministries (719) 685-9103.

Toxic Humanism

By Anthony J. DeBlasi,, September 2, 2018

“Making the world better” with no direction or assistance from God is a faith that rests on the belief that science and reason can deliver humanity from evil.  It is a faith that spawned a “humanism” that for over two hundred years has caused confusion and chaos concerning justice, wisdom, responsibility, love and hate, responsibility, the value of life…all the most important things in life…which are playthings to reason and impenetrable to science.

While the earlier humanism of the Renaissance magnified the importance of humans as humans, it acknowledged the necessary connection between human beings and their Creator.  But secular humanism abolished that link and trashed what is sacred in human life.  This faux humanism gave us the Humanist Manifesto of 1933 (updated in 1973 and 2003) and the Secular Humanist Declaration of 1980.  Manifest in these documents are distortions of reality that have been internalized by a great many people.  This should hardly surprise us, considering that secular humanism entered the field of education in the first quarter of the last century, through the public schools, acting as a wedge between past and present and putting America on a course toward a collective society – thanks to activists of the benighted left. Continue reading

Meet Avital Ronell

ronellA protegee of the late Jacques Derrida, Ronell practices what is known, broadly, as postmodern theory.” Bruce Bawer

“Postmodern literary criticism claims that words cannot be known to accurately describe objects in the world. Words are about words, not about things. This concept is summed up in the phrase, ‘That’s just your interpretation.’” Jeff Myers & David A. Noebel, Understanding The Times: A Survey of Competing Worldviews, p. 158

A wit has observed that a postmodern prof sitting on a railroad tract should be informed that “A train is coming” and watch his interpretation of such words and his practical reaction! For readers interested in the Postmodern worldview check out the above Myers/Noebel work starting at page 147… Keep in mind that Postmodernists deny all worldviews, including their own! Richard Rorty put it like this: “We…should give up the correspondence theory of truth, and start treating moral and scientific beliefs as tools for achieving greater human happiness, rather than as representations of the intrinsic nature of reality.” Rorty, Achieving Our Country, p. 96

An ivory-tower “victim” is exposed as a predator.

Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, Les Moonves, Al Franken: the list of high-profile persons who’ve been accused of using their professional power to sexually exploit others continues to grow. One of the most recent additions to the roster is a woman – a lesbian, in fact – whose name may mean nothing to you but who, like Weinstein in Hollywood and Franken on Capitol Hill, has long wielded considerable power within her own professional community. Her name is Avital Ronell, and she’s a 66-year-old “superstar” professor at New York University, where she’s a member of both the Germanic Languages and Literature Department and the Comparative Literature Department, and at the European Graduate School in Switzerland, where she’s on the philosophical faculty.

Ronell’s accuser, a young gay man named Nimrod Reitman, alleges that back in 2012, when he was one of Ronell’s grad students, she sexually assaulted him at her pied à terre in Paris, proceeded to flood his in-box with scores of romantic e-mails, and then, some time later, moved into his Manhattan apartment (and bed) when Hurricane Sandy cut off the electricity to her NYU apartment. When, after his graduation, he finally began resisting her aggressive moves – he says he was too worried about professional retaliation to do so earlier – she allegedly tried to sabotage his career.

A protégée of the late Jacques Derrida, Ronell practices what is known, broadly, as postmodern theory, churning out prose – at once playful, pretentious, and deliberately obscure – that’s meant to be a shot across the bow of the rational post-Enlightenment West. Half a century or so ago, professors in English departments taught literature. Philosophy professors taught the history of philosophy. Their present-day successors, such as Ronell, whom you can put in any and all humanities and social-sciences departments, because they’re all working pretty much the same scam, view themselves as doing something infinitely more consequential than passing on the great ideas of Western civilization. Continue reading