Explaining Conservatism

“Roger Scruton…the preeminent exponent and defender of Anglo-American conservatism, has spent his career explaining why conservativeideas endure.”  Gerald J. Russello

Second-Person Politics

For our intellectual and cultural elites, conservative ideas can never win. When the Cold War ended, conservatives got little credit; they supposedly had nothing left to fight against and now had to “invent” enemies, such as terrorism, to avoid their fall into irrelevance. When Barack Obama was president, conservatives were on the losing side of history, as the “arc” bent toward justice. Now with Trump, liberals are crowing again, about how his election shows that conservatism is incoherent and in disarray.

Roger Scruton will have none of this. As the preeminent exponent and defender of Anglo-American conservatism, he has spent his career explaining why conservative ideas endure. Author of books on topics ranging from fox-hunting to wine, Spinoza to sex, Scruton has perhaps done more to create the vision of a conservative way of life than any writer in English other than Russell Kirk and William F. Buckley Jr. As with those authors, reading Scruton is an aesthetic as well as an intellectual revelation; conservatism becomes much more than political positions or arguments to own the liberals, as fun as those are. Drawing on the work of David Hume, Michael Oakeshott, Pierre Manent, and Kirk, as well as lesser-known writers such as the Hungarian economist Peter Bauer, Scruton explicates the major lines of what he calls “philosophical” and “cultural” conservatism. Scruton argues that conservatism is about home, how we figure out what home is and how to create and sustain one. Continue reading


Hot, Hotter, Hottest

“Speaking as a Ph.D. meteorologist with 40 years’ experience, this week’s heat wave is nothing special.”  Roy W. Spencer

“Every heat wave must now be viewed as a reminder of human-caused climate change.” Ibid

“What was actually observed over the last couple days (July 1-2), were very hot temperatures in the Great Lakes and Northeast, but with cold temperatures in the western U.S.” Ibid

Summer Causes Climate Change Hysteria

By Roy W. Spencer, American Thinker, July 5, 2018

Summers in the U.S. are hot. They always have been. Some are hotter than others.

Speaking as a Ph.D. meteorologist with 40 years’ experience, this week’s heat wave is nothing special.

But judging from the memo released on June 22 by Public Citizen (a $17 million per year liberal/progressive consumer rights advocacy group originally formed by Ralph Nader in 1971 and heavily funded by Leftwing billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Foundations), every heat wave must now be viewed as a reminder of human-caused climate change. The memo opines that (believe it or not) the news media have not been very good about linking weather events to climate change, which is leading to complacency among the public.

The June 22 memo’s focus was on the excessive heat in New York State, so let’s begin our journey down Hysteria Lane there. The official NOAA average maximum temperatures for every June since 1895 in New York look like this: Continue reading

The Socialist Challenge

“That is socialism: a system that cannot match even the most miserable, corrupt, and ill managed capitalist or mercantilist state.”  J.R. Dunn

The Opportunities of Socialism

J.R. Dunn, AmericanThinker, July 6, 2018

“That’s not a problem – it’s an opportunity.”

That’s a line attributed to Curtis E. LeMay, a man who ran into a lot of opportunities and solved them all.  It’s one of the class of quotes that serves to put things into proper perspective and one that should be more well known than it is.

It should also be kept in mind as we gird our loins for our next encounter with the left.  Suddenly, thirty years after the collapse of communism, with the USSR and its empire long buried in the dustbin of history, we’re inundated with “true socialists” – the adorable Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the somewhat less fetching Andrés López-Obrador in Mexico.  (There are others as well.  In Pennsylvania, no less than four members of the Social Democrats of America won primaries this spring as Democrats.  In all four cases, the GOP has not bothered to run an opposing candidate.)

This development is causing considerable excitement.  Among the conservative establishment, this takes the standard form of “They’re coming…they’ll take our guns, they’ll take our children…everyone will have to dress in drag…there’s no hope, nothing can be done…”

We’ve already begun to hear this, and we’ll hear more of it.  It’s the standard conservative response to any challenge from the left: hoist up the white flag immediately while discussing what John Adams and Alexis de Tocqueville would have said about it.  In a real sense, traditional American conservatism can be considered the France of political philosophies.

A few things we need to keep in mind: Continue reading