Ernest “Red” Hemingway

“Perhaps some of you weren’t aware that declassified Soviet documents proved that Ernest Hemingway officially signed up with the KGB’s precursor the NKVD as “Agent Argo” in 1941?” Humberto Fontova

PBS Hemingway Docuseries Covers Up His Communist Connections

Another celebrity “useful idiot” — or a conscious communist agent of influence?

 Humberto Fontova,, Apr 15, 2021

“They Are Giving Hemingway Another Look, So You Can, Too…Lynn Novick and Ken Burns consider the seminal writer in all his complexity and controversy in their new PBS documentary series. Could there be anything more subversive than turning a spotlight, in this moment, on Ernest Hemingway?” wrote Gal Beckerman in The New York Times this month.

“Subversive?” Ah! At least the term appears in connection with the docuseries. And considering that Ernest Hemingway eagerly joined Stalin’s KGB (technically the NKVD at the time), secretly contributed tens of thousands to the Cuban communist party and (literally) drank, as a spectator, to Che Guevara and Fidel Castros’ firing-squad murder marathons, you might think the term “subversive” fits.  

Alas! No hint of his communist sympathies and connections come across in this “frank” and “subversive” and “controversial” docuseries, which actually seems like it would be something that might have been produced by Hemingway’s mass-murdering chums in Moscow or Havana 40 years ago.  

Perhaps some of you weren’t aware that declassified Soviet documents proved that Ernest Hemingway officially signed up with the KGB’s precursor the NKVD as “Agent Argo” in 1941?

OK. But don’t take it from me. After all I’m a “rabidly right-wing-Cuban exile-with-an-axe-to-grind!” Instead take it from the crypto-commie (but well-sourced) UK Guardian. 

According to KGB defector Alexander Vassiliev in a book published by Yale University Press (not exactly a branch of the John Birch Society), “the 42-year-old Hemingway was recruited (by the KGB) under the cover name ‘Argo’ in 1941 and cooperated with Soviet agents whom he met in Havana and London.”

Turns out that Papa failed pathetically at his KGB assignment. (His assignment and failure are completely absent from the docuseries.) But hey, it’s the thought that counts! And the thought was to be a member of the most murderous organization in modern history during its most murderous phase. (Stalin’s NKVD under Lavrenti Beria.) A singular honor, surely! Though you’d never guess it from the “subversive” PBS docuseries (i.e. fluff piece.) 

“Castro’s revolution is very pure and beautiful,” gushed Hemingway in March, 1960. “I’m encouraged by it. The Cuban people now have a decent chance for the first time. The Cubans getting shot all deserve it.”

Quite fittingly, when Soviet diplomat Anastas Mikoyan finished his courtesy calls on Fidel Castro and Che Guevara in Havana in 1960—this long-time Stalin and Beria confidant made it a point to call on Ernest Hemingway.

Hemingway knew full well what was going on behind the scenes of Castro and Che’s “pure and beautiful” revolution. Accounts of “Papa” Hemingway’s eager presence at many of the Katyn-like massacres of untried Cubans comes courtesy of Hemingway’s own friend, the late George Plimpton (not exactly an “embittered right-wing Cuban exile!”) who worked as editor of the Paris Review, (not exactly a “McCarthyite scandal sheet.”)

In 1958 George Plimpton interviewed Hemingway in Cuba for one of the Paris Review’s most famous pieces. They became friends and the following year Hemingway again invited Plimpton down to his Finca Vigia just outside Havana. James Scott Linville, an editor at The Paris Review during the 1990s, while relating how this high-brow publication passed on serializing the manuscript that became Che Guevara’s Motorcycle Diaries, reveals “Papa’s” unwitting role in the rejection.

“I took the paper-clipped excerpt upstairs to the Boss (Plimpton),” writes Linville, “and said I had something strange and good. As I started to tell him about it, his smile faded. I stopped my pitch and said, ‘Boss, what’s the matter?'”

“James, I’m sorry,” Linville recalls Plimpton replying. A sad look came over him, and he said, “Years ago, after we’d done the interview, Papa invited me down again to Cuba. It was right after the revolution. “There’s something you should see,” Hemingway told Plimpton while preparing a shaker of drinks for the outing.

“They got in the car with a few others and drove some way out of town,” continues Linville (who is recalling Plimpton’s account.) “They got out, set up chairs and took out the drinks, as if they were going to watch the sunset. Soon, a truck arrived. This, explained George, was what they’d been waiting for. It came, as Hemingway knew the same time each day. It stopped and some men with guns got out of it. In the back were a couple of dozen others who were tied up. Prisoners. 

“The men with guns hustled the others out of the back of the truck, and lined them up. Then they shot them. They put the bodies back into the truck.”

And so it started. Within a few years 16,000 men and boys (some of them U.S. citizens) would fill mass graves after scenes like the ones that so charmed Papa Hemingway with his thermos of specially-prepared Daiquiris. The figure for the Castroite murder tally is not difficult to find. Simply open “The Black Book of Communism,” written by French scholars and published in English by Harvard University Press (neither exactly an outpost of “embittered- right-wing Cuban-exiles-with an axe-to-grind!”)

“Pure and beautiful” indeed, Mr Hemingway.

Hemingway’s friends, while he gallivanted around Red Spain during the Spanish Civil war, included Luis Quintanilla, Gustav Regler, Milton Wolff, Karol Swierezenski, Nicolas Guillen, Ilya Ehrenburg and Gustavo Duran. Every single one was a dedicated member of the communist party at a time Joe Stalin called all the Comintern’s shots.

But the Spaniard Gustavo Duran (who Hemingway reputedly used as his model for Robert Jordan in “For Whom the Bell Tolls”) went above and beyond the call of typical communist party duty during the Spanish Civil War. Duran also served in the Soviet-run SIM (Servicio Intelligencia Militar) that weeded out and murdered “Fascists, Trotskyists” and other such deplorables when Stalin spread his Great Terror and purges to Spain.

It says much about the Roosevelt administration that Duran, thanks to strings pulled by his friend Hemingway, was granted U.S. citizenship and hired by the U.S. State Department to work in the Havana and Buenos Aires Buenos embassies during World War II.

“Tailgunner Joe,” McCarthy outed Gustavo Duran in 1951, as one of those famous State Department reds on his famous list. Needless to add, this accusation provoked howls of protest and derision from the Democrat-media complex of the time. When Tailgunner held up a picture (yes, “I hold here in my hand!”) of Duran in his Soviet murderer’s uniform, the howls subsided—but only slightly. By then Duran had already scooted over to a spot at the U.N. 

On the plus side, (Ernest Hemingway) had a tremendous capacity to see the world around him with clarity, to see through bullsh*t and hypocrisy and to cut to the heart of things,” gushes Hemingway docuseries co-producer Lynn Novick.

“A writer without a sense of justice and of injustice would be better off editing the yearbook of a school,” wrote Hemingway. “The most essential gift for a good writer is a built-in, shockproof, sh*t detector.”

So was Hemingway duped by Stalinism and its Cuban clone Castroism? Did his sh*t-detector malfunction? Well, the KGB, while certainly appreciating the work of dupes and useful idiots, was not known to (openly) sign them on. 

Considering the quotes above in light of Hemingway’s documented history, does he qualify as yet another celebrity “Useful Idiot?” 

Hardly. Instead he comes across as a conscious and dedicated communist agent of influence.

Imagine a famous 20th century writer, however gifted at his art, secretly volunteering for Hitler’s Abwehr or Gestapo, consorting with Nazis much of his life — and having it all completely ignored by documentarians who bill themselves as “frank,” “courageous” and dedicated to documenting “the man in full.”

College of the Ozarks Sues

For some reason this Christian school does not appreciate the Federal government “placing biological males who identify as female with females in women’s dorms”.

See You in Court: Christian School Sues After Biden Forces Colleges to Open Girls’ Dorms to Boys

BY TYLER O’NEIL,, April 22, 2021

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

President Joe Biden and his Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issued orders to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity — orders that apparently require Christian schools to place biological males who identify as female with females in women’s dorms. Last week, the College of the Ozarks, a Christian college in Missouri, sued to block the administration from forcing the school to violate its religious convictions on these and other issues.

“The government cannot and should not force schools to open girls’ dorms to males based on its politically motivated and inappropriate redefinition of ‘sex,’” Julie Marie Blake, senior counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), the Christian law firm representing the college, said in a statement on the lawsuit. “Women shouldn’t be forced to share private spaces—including showers and dorm rooms—with males, and religious schools shouldn’t be punished simply because of their beliefs about marriage and biological sex.”

“Government overreach by the Biden administration continues to victimize women, girls, and people of faith by gutting their legal protections, and it must be stopped,” Blake concluded.

On his very first day in office, Biden issued an executive order banning “discrimination” on the basis of gender identity. The order requires schools to open girls’ restrooms, locker rooms, and sports leagues to biological boys. It requires health care plans to pay for experimental transgender “treatments” and requires doctors and hospitals to perform them.

This order enforced the Supreme Court’s ruling in Bostock v. Clayton County (2020), which redefined “discrimination on the basis of sex” in federal law to include discrimination on the basis of gender identity. As Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito warned in his dissent, this move threatens “freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and personal privacy and safety.”

Less than a month after Biden’s order, Jeanine Worden, the acting assistant secretary for Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity at HUD, issued a directive applying Biden’s ban on discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity to entities under FHEO, which includes local authorities that would regulate the College of the Ozarks. Importantly, Worden had neither been officially nominated by Biden nor confirmed by the Senate at the time.

Under the Fair Housing Act (FHA), “testers” may “pose as renters or purchasers” without any intention to rent or purchase real estate in order to ensure the application of fair housing laws. In its lawsuit, the College of the Ozarks notes that in compliance with Worden’s directive, some HUD entities “will send testers to … entities such as the College, to determine if they discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.”

FHA is extremely broad. It does not only prohibit discrimination on the basis of categories such as sex (historically interpreted to mean biological sex as in male or female), but it also prohibits public notices announcing that landlords or colleges will engage in such discrimination.

When the Biden administration unilaterally redefined discrimination on the basis of sex to include discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity — contrary to the plain meaning of the word “sex” as Congress understood it when it amended the FHA to bar sex discrimination in 1974 — it effectively rewrote the law without observing the legal process for issuing a new regulation, the lawsuit alleges.

The new directive also directly contradicts the religious convictions and policies of the College of the Ozarks, along with many other conservative Christian — and Jewish, and Muslim — colleges and universities.

As the lawsuit states, the College of the Ozarks “has prohibited male students from living in female dormitories, and vice versa, regardless of whether those students identify with their biological sex. The College likewise separates intimate spaces such as showers and bathrooms in its dormitories. The College regularly makes statements communicating these same policies, including this month as it arranges student housing for the fall. But Defendants failed to take into consideration the College or other entities with similar student housing policies in promulgating the Directive.”

The college “teaches that sex as determined at birth is a person’s God- given, objective gender, whether or not it differs from their internal sense of ”gender identity,’ and it bases this teaching on such Biblical passages as Genesis 1:27, Leviticus 18:22, Matthew 19:4, Romans 1:26–27, and 1 Corinthians 6:9–10.”

It also “teaches that sexual relations are for the purpose of the procreation of human life and the uniting and strengthening of the marital bond in self-giving love, purposes that are to be achieved solely through relationships between one man and one woman in marriage, based on such Biblical passages as Genesis 1:28 and 2:24, Exodus 20:14, Proverbs 5:15–23, Matthew 19:5, 1 Corinthians 6:12–20 and 7:2–5, and 1 Thessalonians 4:3.”

The College of the Ozarks requires students to abide by a code of conduct along these lines. “Gender expression inconsistent with sex determined at birth (transgender expression), gender transition, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, sexual assault, heterosexual misconduct, homosexual conduct, [and] possession of pornographic materials” violate the code of conduct.

The college allows students who experience or have experienced same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria, so long as the students abide by the code of conduct.

The Biden administration violated a host of laws by issuing the directive, the lawsuit claims.

The HUD directive affects eligibility for federal funding and encodes a value judgment on a type of behavior, and therefore it qualifies as a “substantive rule,” the lawsuit claims. The directive would force the college to let biological males who claim to identify as female enter women’s restrooms and house in women’s dorms. It would also abolish the school’s policy restriction sexual relations to marriage.

Under FHA prohibitions on a “hostile housing environment,” the directive even arguably prohibits college officials from using pronouns that match a person’s biological sex rather than his or her gender identity.

Yet the Biden administration did not give public notice and opportunity for comment before issuing the directive, as required by FHA and the Administrative Procedure Act (APA).

The lawsuit brings no fewer than nine counts against Biden and Worden, three of which involve alleged violations of the APA. The administration allegedly violated the APA by violating APA requirements to provide notice and comment; by exceeding their constitutional authority by redefining the law “far beyond any reasonable reading of the relevant Congressional text;” and by acting in an “arbitrary” and “capricious” manner.

The lawsuit also claims that the Biden administration violated the Regulatory Flexibility Act by failing to analyze the regulation’s impact on small entities. The lawsuit also claims Worden exceeded her authority since she had not been nominated by Biden nor confirmed by the Senate.

The Biden administration also allegedly violated the college’s rights to freedom of speech, assembly, and association. It also allegedly usurped legal authority that the Constitution reserves to the states and to the people.

Finally, the lawsuit claims Biden and Worden violated the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 and the Constitution’s Free Exercise Clause by burdening the college’s free exercise of religion without a compelling state interest and without using the “least restrictive means” of doing so.

The college asks the court to vacate the HUD directive and issue a temporary restraining order to prevent the Biden administration from trampling on its religious freedom. Failing that, the college asks for a judgment that the administration violated RFRA and for relief.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Court’s ruling in Bostock may weaken some of the college’s arguments. Even so, the Biden administration appears to have violated a host of procedure laws in its rush to force LGBT orthodoxy in the housing industry. This powerful lawsuit seeks to hold Biden and his deputy accountable for that abuse.

Kellogg’s Leftist Brand

It seems like a lifetime ago, but it was really just a little over four years ago, immediately after Trump’s election victory, that Kellogg’s pulled all of its ads from Breitbart News because its conservative readers were not “aligned with our values as a company.” Well, it’s 2021, and Kellogg’s is back to reminding everyone that they don’t just sell sugary breakfast products; they also sell wokeness by the spoonful.

Last week, while our eyes were on the Derek Chauvin trial, Kellogg’s announced that, in honor of Gay Pride Month (yes, it’s almost that wearisome June again), it has a new rainbow cereal.

Needless to say, Yahoo! life is thrilled:

There are endless ways to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community, but our favorite way just might be with food. And it looks like we’ll be starting with breakfast: Kellogg’s is launching an exciting new cereal in honor of Pride Month. Bonus? You won’t have to wait until June to try it—the cereal hits shelves in May.

Kellogg’s teamed up with GLAAD (aka the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) to create Together with Pride, a berry-flavored cereal made up of heart-shaped pieces dusted with edible glitter. The pieces come in every color of the rainbow, while the box boasts iconic characters from Tony the Tiger to Toucan Sam. It’s an update of Kellogg’s and GLAAD’s last collab, All Together Cereal, which was only available online. Luckily, this sparkly new iteration will be hitting shelves for a limited time at select major retailers nationwide next month.

(Is it just me or is Kellogg’s totally stereotyping the LGBTQ etc. community with that whole glitter thing?)

I believe devoutly in the free market and in freedom of expression. I must admit, though, that I have, for decades now, deeply resented the way the rainbow, once a simple of promises, renewal, and sheer natural beauty, has been co-opted by the LGBTQ etc. crowd, right down to a new cereal. The rainbow is so strongly identified with LGBTQers that any use of the flag implies that one is LGBTQ etc. or an “ally.” This marketing and branding success is impressive (again, I like the free market) but I miss the rainbow as something everyone who cherishes beauty could display without any sexual implications.

Speaking of the free market, if Kellogg’s wants to distinguish itself from its competitors, it’s free to do so. That’s true even though I hate that I can no longer buy products based upon their quality and price. Instead, I must determine whether I’m politically aligned with the corporation.

In this case, I am not politically aligned at all with Kellogg’s corporate values. This is a company that has dived headlong into wokeism and I despise wokeism. For that reason, I will happily refrain from buying all sorts of thingsthat are unhealthy for me, from sugar-laden snacks and cereals to products made from way too many refined carbohydrates. Thankfully, there’s a lot more to be had at the grocery store, and eggs or yogurt make the best breakfast of all.

One last thing: Kellogg’s woke attitude probably shouldn’t surprise us. Its founder, John Harvey Kellogg, was the perfect Progressive of his era(hyperlinks and footnotes omitted):

The sanitarium approached treatment in a holistic manner, actively promoting vegetarianism, nutrition, the use of enemas to clear “intestinal flora”, exercise, sun-bathing, and hydrotherapy, as well as the abstention from smoking tobacco, drinking alcoholic beverages, and sexual activity.

Kellogg dedicated the last 30 years of his life to promoting eugenics. He co-founded the Race Betterment Foundation, co-organized several National Conferences on Race Betterment and attempted to create a ‘eugenics registry’. Alongside discouraging ‘racial mixing’, Kellogg was in favor of sterilizing ‘mentally defective persons’, promoting a eugenics agenda while working on the Michigan Board of Health and helping to enact authorization to sterilize those deemed ‘mentally defective’ into state laws during his tenure.

It’s likely that old John Kellogg would be proud of his corporate descendants. After all, they actively advance the cause of a modern Democrat party that enthusiastically supports segregation and fights like grim death to keep abortion as a central part of every Black community.

You just keep being you, Kellogg’s. And I’ll keep not buying your products.

IMAGE: Kellogg’s has a new cereal. Twitter screengrab.