Play the Oil Card

Dark clouds stretch across a refinery as Hurricane Ike approaches the Gulf of Mexico near Houston, Texas“Shale oil is almost a uniquely USA geological phenomenon.” Craig Schwartz

“Shale oil is a revolutionary competitive advantage for America.” Ibid

“Energy independence is hindered because the worldwide market for oil is controlled by dictators and totalitarian regimes that nationalized western oil companies and which manipulate the market thru OPEC.” Ibid

Editor’s Note: Oil is also a major partner in reducing America’s debt viz., ANWR (Artic National Wildlife Refuge). The federal government can hire a small private oil firm to drill this oil with 90% of profits going to reduce the national debt.

 America’s Path to Greatness: Border Adjust Oil

Craig Schwartz,  American Thinker, March7, 2017

America has been blessed by geology. We have an opportunity to be the world’s low cost producers of oil, gas, electrical energy, chemical feedstocks and the building blocks of almost all products of modern life. Combined with our rule of law, individual rights, private property, private capital and a culture of innovation; America truly could be great and secure as never before.

Some background: Shale oil is almost a uniquely USA geological phenomenon. Total worldwide shale oil reserves are estimated to be 4.8 trillion barrels, of which 1 trillion is recoverable, with 77% is located in the USA. For comparison, conventional worldwide oil reserves are 1.3 trillion barrels.

We could be completely energy independent by 2020 — if, and only if, markets are not manipulated by totalitarian oil producing regimes. Continue reading

Hypocrite Raul Castro

“This week [March 11] Raul Castro (co-founder of a regime that jailed political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin’s and murdered them at a higher rate than pre-war Hitler’s) denounced President Trump’s proposed Mexican wall in tear-jerking terms…” Humberto Fontova

Raul Castro Finally Slams President Trump 

Humberto Fontova,, March 11, 2017

Raul Castro Finally Slams President Trump
This week Raul Castro (co-founder of a regime that jailed  political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin’s and murdered them at a higher rate than pre-war Hitler’s) denounced President Trump’s proposed Mexican wall in tear-jerking terms:
“The wall that is intended to be build on the northern border of Mexico is an expression of irrationality, not only against this brother country but against our entire region…We express the solidarity of Cuba with the Mexican people and government. (Trump’s proposed trade agreements) “will violate environmental agreements to favor the income of transnational corporations, persecute and deport immigrants generated by the inequality of the distribution of wealth and the growth of poverty caused by the international order imposed.” (Raul Castro, 3/7/ 2017)

So it looks like the Stalinist dictator (whose  own national barrier caused TWENTY-TIMES as many deaths as the Berlin Wall)  finally lifted his self-imposed  gag-order on slamming  President Trump. Alas, half a century into the show, the spectacle of a Cuban dictator and the Democratic/Media complex  crooning duets is much too familiar to generate much applause or even interest.

Granted, under Castroite rule, Cuba (which prior to Castroism was inundated with more immigrants per-capita–primarily from Europe–than was the U.S.) has never had much trouble with immigrants.  Continue reading

More Useful Idiots

lkj“The banner sponsors for this [Communist] International Women’s Day included a select list of 10 prominent corporate partners that served up themselves as this year’s cast of useful idiots. The list includes Caterpillar, BP, MetLife, PepsiCo, and Western Union.” Paul Kengor


The perfect color for a better “gender world.”

Paul Kengor,, March 13, 2017

Reprinted from

The ability of the communist left to consistently dupe an ever-wider group of suckers never ceases to amaze. It’s practically another constant of the universe.

I wrote here a few weeks ago about the now-infamous Women’s March, a parade of perversity and vulgarity that erupted after the Trump inaugural in January, where none other than Angela Davis — America’s longtime leading female Marxist revolutionary — was honorary co-chair and featured speaker. Comrade Angela fired up the female faithful as they donned ridiculous pink hats and cheered her revolution. Now, this week, the female front was enlisted again, this time going not pink but red — figuratively and literally.

Last week we had International Women’s Day. If you know little to nothing of the history of this event, then you probably know more than the vast majority of young ladies and oblivious corporate sponsors tapped as dutiful foot soldiers.

The fact is that the origins of International Women’s Day are communist-socialist. That reality is so unavoidably obvious that the “About” section at the official International Women’s Day website candidly lays out the origins in touting this glorious “collective day of global celebration” and “calls on the masses” to “help forge a better working world.” Take a look at this surprisingly honest historical timeline provided at the website: Continue reading